You Did WHAT to our Daughter!?

by Amber FoxxFire

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Tired of hiding their illicit, incestuous affair, 18-year-old Sonja pleads with her father to do something.

He does.

Devising a devious plan, he sets things in motion that lead to a complete role-reversal. Sonja’s mother becomes her slave, willing to do anything to please them. Even help Sonja’s daddy impregnate their daughter.


"It's safe now, baby," I said, ushering my 18-year-old daughter, Sonja, out of the closet.
"Is she gone, daddy?" My sweet, precious, vibrant daughter rushed to my side and wrapped her long, slender arms around me.
I nodded.
"Oh good, daddy!" She squealed and planted a big, fat kiss on my lips. Then she teared up.
"What's wrong?" I asked, brushing her delicate bangs from her eyes.
Her emerald eyes looked straight into my soul. "Daddy," she sniffled. "We can't keep on like this." Her eyes reddened and she wiped a stray tear away.
I watched my daughter and my heart welled up. She was right. We'd been hiding our illicit affair for several months now - ever since she'd turned 18. But it wasn't fair. To her.
"Can't you dooo something?" She whined as she ran her hands all over my muscular chest. "Please, daddy?" She brushed her lips against mine and I felt my heart swell for my only daughter. She was right; I had to do something.


As her feathery-soft fingers caressed the bulge in my shorts, an idea struck me.
"That's it!" I said, pulling away quickly as I formulated my plan.
"What's it, daddy?" She beamed, her face nearly erupting in delight. "Are we going to elope like in the old days?"
I looked at my daughter and picked her up in my arms. "No, baby, this is even better!"


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