What Do You Want, Daddy? I’ll Do Anything!

by Amber FoxxFire

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Goddammit, Mia! You were supposed to be keeping the house clean while I slaved away at work all day! What the hell am I paying your way through college for? So that you can lay around all day like some kind of slob?

No! It stops here and now!

You will be taught the proper way to show respect for your father!


Slamming the door shut to my truck, I strode inside to grab a cold drink. It had been a long day and I wasn't in the mood for any bull shit.

Construction was hard work. From the blistering heat, to the heavy lifting, it had been a long and grueling day and it was finally time to relax.

Once inside, I locked the door and headed into the cool, air conditioned kitchen. As I grabbed myself a cold lemonade, then noticed the sink.

It was full of dishes, and not only that it was starting to smell. These were from last night!

My irritation grows. My 18-year-old daughter, Mia, was supposed to have taken care of this already. Now it was just stinking the whole place up.

Suppressing my anger, I make my way to the living room to relax.

Two steps in and I find myself tripping over a laundry basket. Catching the wall with my free hand, I look down and see Mia's unwashed basket of clothes thrown in the worst spot.


Now I was starting to get angry! I took a quick sip of my drink and tried to hold my anger back. It looked like I needed to do some parenting.

With a heavy sigh, I set my drink down and strode to her room. I needed some words with my daughter and I was not in a good mood.

Giving her no warning, I burst open her door and pushed my way in like a raging bull. I looked around, enraged, my anger getting the best of me as she was pushing me to my limit.

Mia was laying slothfully on her bed, listening to music on her damn phone!

None of the dishes were washed, none of her laundry done, and I was sure if I went outside, the lawn wasn't mowed either! Why was I paying for her college again?

The worst? She was so wrapped up in her music that she hadn't noticed that I had barged into her room.

Without warning, I grabbed the phone and threw it across the room. It fell to the floor with a satisfying thud.

"Daddy no!" She cried out. "That phone is really expensive! What are you doing?" She shrieked.

I stared at her, stone faced serious, my palms clenching and unclenching as anger bubbled up.
"You NEVER tell me no, I'm your father!" I shouted, then grabbed her wrist.

She was a small girl, and only eighteen years old. She wasn't strong and she couldn't fight back, I was stronger and bigger. She couldn't stop me from punishing her naughty behavior.

I sat down on the bed, threw her over my lap and pulled down her shorts, tearing off her panties.

I could feel her struggling, but I easily held her down.

Seeing her naked ass for the first time since she was an adult, I notice how cute it was, how pale and plump from sitting on her butt all day while I worked and slaved so she could sit in comfort.

I raised my hand up and, with one swift motion, I slapped her ass.


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