Wet & Wild With Mom!

by Amber FoxxFire

The unnatural sexual obsession I had for my mom first developed when we went to a water park last summer.

I’d just returned to my home town from college, and after spending the first week at mom’s place we decided to go out of town for a proper break.

We picked a nice hotel which overlooked a water park. It was the perfect place to spend some quality ‘mother and son’ time.

Getting the chance to both relax at the hotel and have some crazy fun at the water park was a great idea for a weekend away…

Or so I thought when she first suggested the idea.

You see, that long hot summer, after sharing some rare but much needed bonding time with mom, I soon discovered I had a very twisted and very dark desire to have her.

And I mean ‘have’ her — every square inch!

This sick obsession was born when we first went to the water park by the hotel.

As soon as I laid eyes on my blonde, pretty, and incredibly curvy mom squeezing into a snug red bikini, every sexual need I had for any other girl vanished in an instant!

Mom’s body, and it’s no exaggeration to say it, was that of a sex goddess!

Bronzed and flawless skin. Huge tits which were shapely and firm looking. Legs that went on for miles, with a cute and peachy ass waiting for some lucky bastard to take advantage of.

Stunning, pale-blue eyes, thick red lips, and a silky mane of almost white-blonde hair which made her tanned skin look even more striking rounded everything out.

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