Werewolf 8-Pack

by Scarlett Delage

Eight interconnected stories, set in a universe of lust crazed werewolves who simply cannot get enough woman!
Five werewolves, one schoolgirl/Five werewolves, one cop/Werewolves and nuns/Werewolves and army girls/Werewolves and prison girls/The werewolf and the warrior woman/Alpha wolf, older woman/The Werefather



And right in front of her were the five ferocious looking werewolves, with low growls escaping their throats as they eyed the hapless schoolgirl. And they were all still fully erect, the huge bulbous purple heads at the tip of their black cocks gleaming in the moonlight as the beasts salivated. Tara could not help herself. Her eyes were transfixed on the mass of bestial cock in front of her. She had seen what the werewolf version of Joe Dillon had done with the woman in the flat, and now she suspected what was going to happen to her. The five beasts with erect cocks standing in front of her were going to fuck her. Gangbanged by werewolves. It was at this realisation that Tara lubricated, she had gotten wet earlier on with excitement and then with fear. Fear was still there, but now as the intention of the werewolves were clear the excitement had returned releasing her pussy juices once more.


The beast at the back of the pack, she recognized as werewolf Joe Dillon, slightly larger than the others and with jet black hair, setting him apart from the slight greyish tone of the others fur. The four stood two on either side of Joe, as he raised his arms in the air. Tara knew in that moment he was the alpha, the leader of the pack. He raised his head to the heavens and roared, filling the night with his werewolf cry. This was a sign to his pack. He was letting them loose. Joe remained rooted as the four werewolves on his either side began to walk forward to their hapless prey tied up at the tree. Tara took a deep breath, she was excited and terrified as the beasts edged closer, now drooling so much they were soaking the forest floor as they moved. They all stopped several feet from Tara and crouched. At another roar from the alpha the beasts pounced as one upon Tara.



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