Well Hung, Drawn, And Daughtered : Anal Incest 6

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Well Hung, Drawn, And Daughtered : Anal Incest 6
Part of the Anal Incest series:

I’ve drawn so many still-life pictures that I no longer even need a subject.  I could sketch the naughtiest things on a whim, and that’s led me to conjuring up some very sinful images.  My imagination gets the best of me when I put a face on one of my erotic drawings, and the face winds up being my own Daddy!

My drawings get naughtier as I start to sketch Daddy having sex, and when I put my face on the naked body he’s making love to, I enter whole new level of taboo.  Read as Daddy finds my sketch book and turns my fantasies to reality, including the most sinful one of all: anal!


“No,” he laughed.  “I was … enjoying your work.”

It was only then that I realized.  My mouth opened in shock, and I started to smile.  I shuffled quickly backwards and then looked down at the duvet.  It occurred to me then that I may have interrupted something.

“So, you’re …” I pointed.  “You were …”

“I guess we’re even,” he laughed.

“No way are we even!”  Suddenly I felt a rekindling of our relationship.  The playing-field was leveling, and I no longer felt the deep, shameful embarrassment of before.  This shared experience was repairing the broken bond.

“We’re kind of even,” daddy said.

“We are not.  You saw much more than I did!”

“But you’ve got that right here,” he said, lifting the sketchbook.  Its pages splayed and drawings of hard cocks flurried by.

“They’re not the real thing,” I countered.

“They almost are.  It’s so lifelike.”


“But it isn’t life.”

“You got it pretty spot on.”


“My cock,” he said.  “It’s damn-near a perfect replica.”

“It … it is?”

Daddy sighed.  “Look, I’m only doing this to prove to you that you’re a fine artist okay, so don’t be weirded out or anything.”

My look of confusion faded into one of shock as he drew back the duvet to reveal himself naked beneath.  Not only that, but his big, beautiful, hard cock sat beneath.  Daddy was right.  It was identical to the drawing.

“See?” he said, putting himself on display.

“It’s hard?”

“I was pretty turned on,” he laughed.

I picked up the sketchbook and turned it to that drawing of The Creation of Adam.  “Sit like this,” I asked him.

Daddy did so, resting one hand on his knee and letting his cock fall up against his stomach.  I could see the arousal beating into him.  It nudged his cock steadily as his heart raced.

I stood up and moved back away from the bed.  “You’re right!” I cried.

“I know!”

I felt relieved and vindicated.

“And I assume the drawings of you are perfect too?” daddy ventured, raising an eyebrow.

I looked down at my body.  “I think so,” I told him.  “I haven’t embellished.”

“Show me,” he said, excited.


“Come on,” he said.  “I’ve been staring at these drawings for weeks.  I want to see how accurate they are.”

I looked down at myself.  I was wearing a plain t-shirt with no bra, and a pair of jogging pants.  I didn’t feel sexy, but daddy’s hard cock was telling me there must have been something sexy about me.

“What do you want to see?”


“No way!” I laughed.  “Come on, that’s a lot, isn’t it?”

“What do you think you’re seeing right now?” he asked, and he nodded down again.

Fuck, there it was.  His big, hard, beautiful cock.  It looked even more perfect than I’d imagined.  My lust for dick was never really satisfied by in the drawings.  I wondered if perhaps I should have tried to sate my appetite in real life.

“We can’t, can we?” I asked.  It was a genuine question.

“Look,” daddy began, “you can look at are and stare at it for decades, but you’ll never truly know what the artist felt or what they saw, or smelled, or touched while they were painting their subject.  You’ve got the opportunity now to explore.  Are you going to waste it?”

I sat close to him on the bed, studying his cock even closer.  “It’s so perfect,” I hushed.

“Touch it,” daddy said.

He kept himself there, patiently waiting in the nude with the duvet cast aside.  I bit my lip nervously.

“Go on,” he said.  “You’ve got my permission.  I know how much you want it.”

I came to a sudden, quick decision and moved my hand out.  I gripped around his cock in an instant and let out a gush of satisfied breath.

“There’s a good girl, Evelyn,” daddy said.


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