Way Too Taboo: 75 Pack Incest Ultra- Bundle

by Trisha Treat

The complete collection of 75 stories of taboo, forbidden lust between sexy young things and their daddies, uncles, brothers, and grandfathers! Nothing is off-linits for these families...


Bundle Includes:


1. Daddy Popped Our Cherries
2. Going Fishing with Daddy
3. Handcuffed by Daddy
4. Get Me Pregnant, Dr. Daddy
5. All Grown Up & Ready for Daddy's Cock
6. Fucking Daddy in the Bathtub
7. Sucking My Daughter's Milky Tits
8. Daddy's Little Anal Slut
9. Daddy's Stripper Whore
10. Daddy Made My Bleeding Pussy Cum
11. Making Daddy Mine
12. Taking My Drugged Daughter
13. Daddy's Golden Shower Princess
14. Sucking My Son's Cock
15. Spanked and Fucked by Daddy
16. Becoming Daddy's Sex Slave
17. Daddy Fucked Me on My Birthday
18. Daddy, Please Take My Virginity
19. Daddy's Sleeping Slut
20. Daddy Lost My Pussy in a Bet
21. Comforted by Daddy's Cock
22. Playing Doctor with Daddy
23. Daddy Daughter Booty Call
24. Daddy Teaches Me How To Fuck
25. I Caught Daddy Jerking Off!
26. Daddy's Unexpected Threesome
27. Daddy's Tempting Treat
28. Bred By My Preacher Daddy
29. Riding My Daddy
30. I Left My Boyfriend For My Daddy
31. Pounding My Cheerleader Daughter
32. Banging Daddy on my Wedding Day
33. Daddy's Horny Princess
34. Taking Care of Daddy's Cock
35. Satisfied By My Daddy
36. Threesome with My Uncle & Daddy
37. Nursing Daddy
38. First Taste of Daddy's Cream Pop
39. Doggy Style for Daddy
40. Seducing My Daddy
41. Knocked Up by my Drunk Uncle
42. Daddy's Sweet Virgin
43. Bedtime With My Daddy
44. Fucking My Brother While Daddy Watches
45. Daddy Fulfills My Secret Fantasy
46. Gangbanged by Daddy & the Preacher
47. Ménage with My Nieces
48. Welcome Home, Daddy
49. My First Time Fucking Grandpa
50. Daddy Drinks My Milk
51. Gangbanged by My Daddy's Band
52. Daddy Paid Me to Fuck My Brother
53. Gangbanged at My Family Reunion
54. Daddy's Milky Treats
55. Fucking Daddy While Grandpa Watches
56. Uncle Fucked My Pregnant Pussy
57. Sex on the Beach with Daddy
58. Begging For Daddy's Punishment
59. Pretending to Sleep While Daddy Fucks Me
60. Daddy and Uncle Fill My Holes
61. Gangbanged by Every Man in My Family
62. My Sex Ed Class Taught by Daddy
63. Caught Fucking Daddy While He Sleeps
64. Daddy Turned Me Into A Sex Puppet
65. Seeded by Daddy in the Park
66. Breeding My Daughter at her Wedding
67. Fucking Daddy on Prom Night
68. Caught Fucking Daddy at Church
69. Orgy with My Son and His Friends
70. Sex Servant for Daddy
71. Daddy's Cock Made Me Cry
72. Training My Daughter To Fuck
73. Grandpa Fucks Me Rotten
74. Drilling My Sleepwalking Daughter
75. Blackmailing Brother with My Pussy


About the Author

Hi, I'm Trisha!

I have always believed in the pursuit of pleasure, and my intent is to write stories that will help you do just that. I'm not afraid to write about the forbidden side of sex - those erotic fantasies that are utterly unacceptable but oh- so- persistent when you try to sleep at night.

Go ahead and indulge - get lost in my world of carnal lust and incestuous eroticism.

I hope my stories will help relieve a little pressure, and serve as a reminder that you're not the only one that lusts for the forbidden fruits 😉

Thanks for reading.

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