Watching A Live Feed Of My 18 Year Old Niece Take A Piss

by Penelope Liksit

My laptop was open, the live feed was playing, my dick was in my hand, my balls were full and I had a tissue laid out right in front of me. All I needed now was my sexy young eighteen year old niece to appear and start taking a piss.


I had placed the hidden camera in that bathroom when I was visiting my brother and his sister in law last weekend. The wonders of modern technology meant you could get cameras the size of pin heads these days-brilliant for perverts like me who were into voyeurism.
“Hey guys, call of nature, just going to use your bathroom”, I had said.
They barely looked up, totally unsuspecting of what I was really going to do in their bathroom. They didn’t have a clue that that hot young daughter of theirs’ made my cock throb and I had some very bad thoughts about her swirling around in my head.
Nobody suspected I was the creepy uncle that would go to such lengths to perv on his own family. When nobody suspects you, you were then able to get off with all sorts of shit.
Back to the present, and my pulse rate quickened as I heard the sound of the door opening. She was coming!


I knew from the few days I had spent in their house Rachael liked to go to the bathroom just before she went to bed around midnight every night.
My heart was pounding as she came into the screen shot. There she was-and she was wearing a black leather skirt and fishnets today. Oh fuck this was going to make this all the sexier.


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