Virtually My New Reality : Bodyswaps 9

by Fearne Forrester

Virtual reality headsets are just so real now, and this new game that I bought takes things to another level entirely.  You can create a custom character and then do anything you can think of!  Naturally my first thought is to create a likeness of my attractive milf neighbor and see what it’s like to inhabit her body.

Read as I unlock her assets and claim an in-game rogue with her body, before discovering that the real Candace has been watching the whole thing!


“Come fuck me,” I begged of him, and I fell back to the forest floor and let my mini-skirt reveal my sodden panties.

I pulled the crotch aside and the thief stared at the glistening petals.  “I’ve never known a woman so pretty act like this,” he marveled.

“Then I urge you not to waste the opportunity.”

He wiped a hand down over his mouth, as though he was thinking of what to do next.  He looked at his surroundings, perhaps checking that this wasn’t some kind of honey-trap.  Even in the throes of passion his instincts were attuned to the wilds.

“Eat my pussy,” I demanded, and just hearing Candace’s voice say the words made me melt.

The thief moved stealthy into place like a prowling cat, looking up my body with menace in his eyes.  I felt excitement and danger all at once, and then I felt that delicious stubble of his grazing its way inside my thigh.


His hot breath struck my wetness and I tightened up.  When his lips finally swallowed over my puss, I let out a burst of excited tension that caused the birds around us to erupt skywards.

“Yes!” I cried, holding his head on me.

I felt his tongue move my flesh, parting it gently and rocking against the smooth skin.  My clit swelled and the thief tended to it masterfully, barely moving over it but touching it just enough to make me shiver with excitement.

He played me like an instrument, getting a tune out of me that I didn’t even know I could make.  My breaths raced and my voice called out in joyous moans into the silent forest.  The thief smacked his lips and ate from me like it was his last meal.

He introduced his finger inside me, and I actually felt something enter me.  It was like unlocking a new part of myself, having him inside me like that.  I’d only ever been the person to enter someone before.  I now knew what it felt like to be entered.

He drove his finger deep and I remember thinking how I wished it was thicker.  But then he moved it in incredible ways, pushing down inside me and causing my pussy to squeeze him.  When it did, he relaxed his fingers and then found a rhythm, sucking my clit with his mouth while fucking me with his digits.

I defy anyone to stand that for as long as I did.  My breaths raced from me so fiercely that I almost passed out.

I held his face on me and then I started to come.  All the same muscles were being used as when I’d come in real life, but somehow the sensation just soared.  I was able to coast on it, sucking a breath and fueling the release for longer than normal until I’d experienced several quick waves of release.

“You joyous rogue!” I cried, getting into the spirit of things.  “You tongue me like pussy is your native language.”

He pulled back and wiped his face with a smirk.  “Maybe it is.”

“Fuck me,” I begged of him.  “Give me your cock, now!  I want to feel it!”


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