Virgin Twins Get Destroyed by Daddy!

by Amber FoxxFire

Fiery red-heads with hot curvy bodies, milky-white skin, long luscious legs, and sinful lips made especially for kissing, Chloe and Dani were easily the finest looking 18-year-olds to ever grace my presence.

Best of all, these stunning beauties were twins! Identical twins at that! The only difference between them was a tiny beauty mark on Dani’s left cheek.

Honesty, these girls — all natural and youthful — were just about perfect. I was certain there wasn't a straight man living in our small town who never dreamed of having sex with them.

The way they'd shake their peachy little asses in public — dressed in tiny short shorts and tight tops to show off their firm and shapely tits — made every guy’s head turn; even the married ones, they'd be just as desperate for the twins as all the rest.

It didn’t matter if a guy was in a perfect marriage or not, I knew damn well that they would have cheated if my twins offered themselves up to them…

Yep, my twins…

My twin daughters!

For all the good I had done in this world — and I did a lot via my charity work — I had a twisted secret which undid everything I’d ever achieved in my life.

I was madly and hopelessly in lust for my very own daughters. I loved their tits, their asses, and their pretty little faces.

Both eighteen-years old and both freshly legal, I wanted them more than I’d wanted any other woman.

I would always jerk off as I’d imagine what it would be like to part their tight pussy lips with my thick and veiny cock.

And now, armed with the power of Free Use which I was gifted from a friend after my marriage dissolved to my twin’s mother, I had every intention to take them both.

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