Virgin Daughters 8-Pack

by Penelope Liksit

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I trailed my tongue down her stomach, alternating between kisses and talk. “Yeah you belong to daddy little girl, no other man will ever have you.” I kissed her belly button, hooked my fingers inside her leggings and panties, then hauled them down over her legs. There it was, the gorgeous virgin pussy of my daughter. A gleaming pink slit with not a single hair in sight. And I would be the first to taste it. I gripped hold of her legs and I began to lap at that fissure like a dog, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Fiona as her body writhed in response. Oh my she tasted so sweet, I could have lashed at her all night, savouring her taste and the sight of her juices running down into her ass, but there was virginity to be taken. I got up from between her legs to lie atop her nubile body, looking right down into her eyes. “Daddy’s now going to go to town on your pussy little girl, it’s time to make you a woman.” �


�Do it daddy, I want that big dick of yours, I want you to be the first man to fuck me you horny bastard-go on smash that pussy daddy!” Her words, the sight of her body, the delicious smell of her pussy, it was a concerto of the senses driving me mad. I pushed my cockhead right against that glistening fissure. It was time. “Aaaaaaa!” She grimaced as I entered her, my cock hitting the thin membrane of her hymen-the last resistance against my dastardly invasion. I powered on through, destroying her innocence, destroying her virginity. “Oww daddy it hurts, I think I’m bleeding.” “Pain and blood are all part of war dear, and now daddy is going to go to war on your daughterly cunt!” Her cunt was so tight it was like a flesh vice on my cock, but her virgin blood and pussy juice provided enough lubricant for me to pound her harder and faster till I was hammering her so hard I thought I might fuck her right through the floor, the room now filled with the slap of flesh into flesh and that wet slap of hard cock into wet cunt. “Oh yes fuck me daddy!” She cried, looking me right in the eyes. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in to increase the penetration. She wanted me deep, her pleasure had now swamped her pain. “Smash my pussy daddy, oh yes fuck me hard, fucking ram that virgin cunt-oh what a sick fucker you are daddy-forcing yourself on your virgin daughter, you’re a fucking animal!” Her talk fuelled me to fuck her even harder, unleashing my own filth right into her face. “You want my big cock you little slut? I’ll fucking destroy this pussy, yeah no man on earth will ever fuck you like this baby girl, you’re all mine, daddy’s the man baby girl, I’m the man to turn you from virgin into whore for daddy cock-you want daddy’s spunk?” “Yeah I’m a whore for daddy spunk, I’m daddy’s little spunk slut, cream me daddy, give me my first load of man juice!” “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” I slammed into her with a guttural roar and shot my incestuous load of cum deep inside her, collapsing onto her body, savouring the high of my release. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah yes daddy!” She reached her own orgasm, thrashing wildly and scratching my back as her climax tore through her body-I could feel her gush all over my cock. She held me tight as we recovered out breaths.


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The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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