Very Bad Dad

by Scarlett Delage

Frank is back in town. With a week to go until her wedding, Sarah's stepfather, that she has not seen in eight years, is here to give her away. The man her mother has warned her about. A scoundrel, a philanderer, an ex-con. A man who wants her...


Frank fucking a woman from behind, pulling her hair with a snarl on his face, pure ecstasy on the face of the woman. Frank with his fingers inside the vagina of a woman who seemed to have lost all control, her pussy juices frozen in time in mid-air, the camera capturing the exact moment of her eruption. Frank with a woman over his knee, his hand on her bare backside, her facial expression indicated it was the very hardest of slaps. Frank fucking a woman with what looked like a framed picture of a man in the background. Her husband? Did Frank get off on having a memento of the occasion of screwing another mans wife next to the man’s picture? Was the women in the picture even aware Frank had taken it? A picture of a woman with her hands tied behind her back, down on her knees, with the word ‘SLUT’ written in huge letters across her pendulous breasts, Frank standing in front of her, naked and cock erect, a wicked grin towards the camera.


Frank naked with two women down on their knees in front of him, one with their tongue on his cock, the other with their tongue on his balls. Frank fucking a woman wearing schoolgirl uniform. Frank with a woman in an expensive business suit, his cock in his hand as he had found his release, the expensive black fabric of the suit covered in his cum and a picture of another man (the woman’s husband?) on the desk. A photo taken at distance, of what could only have been Frank fucking a woman in an alleyway. A photo of...Sarah froze. It was another picture of Candy, Frank’s current girlfriend. She was naked and on her knees in front of Frank, looking up at him with pure desire on her face. This in itself was no more shocking than any of the other photos. But it was the words that shocked Sarah. Like one of the other women, she had something written across her breasts. But this time it wasn’t ‘SLUT’. It was ‘Daddy’s little fuck slut’. Exactly what had been going on here? Did she want to know? Did she...
“Hello baby girl. Like what you see?”


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