Uncle Placed A Baby In My Virgin Belly

by Amber FoxxFire

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I shouldn’t have done it. I should not have gone to Uncle Rick’s house in my skimpy miniskirt, see-through shirt and no panties. But I did. Now I’m preggers with his baby.

Uncle Rick took me hard and fast and before I knew it he was teaching me a lesson I’d never forget.

And I loved every rough minute of it.


But when I dipped into the hallway, I heard her giggling softly on the phone about me.

"Yeah, Uncle Rick is so hot. He's so gonna want me," she whispered. "Bet he's hard."

How dare she go around and deliberately try to fuck up my cock. It was punishment time now. This time I was going to do what I'd always wanted to do. Put a baby in that belly of hers. Then I could even drink the milk from her hard nipples as I fuck her.

"Chelsi!" I called out in a stern voice. "Get off the phone and meet me in my bedroom!"

"Coming Uncle Rick!"

She'll be coming soon alright. I was hell bent on making her fucking eyeballs pop out.
Leaving the door open, I waited to the side, watching to see Chelsi enter. As soon as she did, I yanked her blonde curly ponytail and dragged her to the bed.

"Uncle Rick!" She yelped out, "What're you doing?"


"I'm gonna give you a fucking lesson. You don't walk around men like that with your tits and ass showing and not get fucked hard!"

I sat her down on my bed and jut my hips out, undoing my jeans. Chelsi's eyes were down on my crotch just staring and waiting for the big reveal.

I ripped out my fat leaking cock and yanked her face close.

"Unh! Uncle Rick!"

"You want it, don't you? You want me to stuff you with my throbbing cock."

She nodded shyly. "Yes, Uncle Rick. I've wanted you for a long time..." She smiled coyly. "Why do you think I had daddy drop me off at your place?"

I slid my throbbing, aching dick against her lips and looked down at her breasts. Yes, they needed attention and punishment too! So I ripped off her shirt, pushed her back on the bed, and crawled over her so my cock was hanging on her chest. My knees had her arms locked to her sides as I lowered myself to press my cock hard against her standing perky nipples.


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