Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack – 80 Stories of Ultra Taboo

by Tori Westwood

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'The Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack' features 80 stories and almost 300,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet. Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Mothers, Bratty Daughters and Innocent Sons, as well as a heavy dollop of lactation, breeding and some bestiality thrown in for good measure. Anal virgins, messy creampies and randy mutts — this collection has it all!


1. The Locker Room - Daddy's Virgins 1
2. Claiming my Crying Daughter - Daddy's Virgins 2
3. Big Dogs Do It Better 1
4. Big Dogs Do It Better 2
5. Big Dogs Do It Better 3
6. Daddy's Swim Team
7. Daddy's Big Hose
8. Daddy the Rough Lumberjack
9. Daddy's Anal Virgin
10. Daddy's Virgin Brat
11. Daddy and My Sleepover
12. Daddy, Me and My Friend
13. Daddy's Payback
14. Daddy's Girls
15. Daddy's Anal Camp
16. Daddy the Mechanic
17. Symphony of Taboo 1
18. Symphony of Taboo 2
19. Daddy in the Shower
20. Daddy at the Stables
21. Daddy at the Mall
22. A Walk with my Daddy
23. A Secret Baby with the Step - Part 1
24. A Secret Baby with the Step - Part 2
25. A Secret Baby with the Step - Part 3
26. Daddy Doesn't Pull Out
27. At My Step's Command
28. The Pregnant Step
29. Step Inside Me
30. Daddy in the Step


My Step Teacher's Punishment
32. Forbidden Steps
33. My Step Returns
34. My Thirsty Daddy 1 - The Beginning
35. My Thirsty Daddy 2 - An Illicit Tryst
36. My Thirsty Daddy 3 - The Threesome
37. Seed of My Daddy
38. Daddy's Milking Machine 1 - The Beginning
39. Daddy's Milking Machine 2 - His Friend Too
40. Daddy's Milking Machine 3 - The Threesome
41. Her First Anal
42. Daddy Fucked My Ass
43. Carwash Pounding
44. Daddy My Ass is Full of Cum!
45. Daddy, That’s Naughty!
46. Outdoor Anal Fun
47. Daddy Found My Buttplug
48. Daddy and the Hot Tub
49. Daddy Fingered My Butt
50. Daddy's Body Search
51. My Daughter Is A Stripper
52. I Did It Inside Her
53. Fucked On The Ferris Wheel
54. Mommy's Massage
55. Teach Me Mommy
56. Daddy's Hucow
57. Daddy's Milk Maid
58. Daddy's Thirst
59. Daddy Milked My Tits
60. Daddy Caught Me Milking
61. Milk Instructor
62. Bound And Milked By Daddy
63. Saving Daddy With My Milk
64. Mom's Pride
65. Mom Took My Cock In Her Ass
66. Taking My Son's Cum
67. Home Schooled In Sex
68. Mommy's Masquerade
69. Daddy's Cum In My Pussy
70. Pumped Full Of Daddy's Cum
71. Daddy Did It Inside Me
72. Daddy's Fairground Creampie
73. Claiming Daddy's Cock
74. My Dog Just Loves My Ass
75. Doggy Daycare 1
76. Doggy Daycare 2
77. Doggy Daycare 3
78. Buster's Birthday Treat
79. Hung Like a Doberman
80. The Fast Fucking Greyhound


About the Author

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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