Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack 2 – 80 Stories of Ultra Taboo

by Millie King, Tori Westwood

'The Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack 2' features 80 stories and over 300,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet.  Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Mothers, Bratty Daughters and Innocent Sons, as well as a heavy dollop of lactation, breeding and some threesomes thrown in for good measure.  Anal virgins, messy creampies and randy family gangbangs — this collection has it all!

Comprised of Taboo 40-Packs 3 & 4.

Featuring –  

  1. Mommy's Motel Fuck
  2. Son, Take Off My Panties
  3. Mommy Nursed Him
  4. My Son Milked My Tits
  5. Desperate to Fuck My Son
  6. Me & My Friend Fuck My Son
  7. I Had to Fuck My Son
  8. Bred By My Biker Daddy
  9. Daddy Want to Creampie Me
  10. Daddy Undressed Me
  11. Daddy Fucked Me Over The Pool Table
  12. Daddy's Dick Under My Mini-Skirt
  13. Daddy's Barnyard Creampie
  14. Daddy Came Inside Me
  15. Daddy's Office Milk
  16. Daddy's Milky Cocktail
  17. Daddy Drinks My Milkshake
  18. Me And Daddy's Forbidden Milking
  19. Milk Masseur
  20. Daddy Sucked My Tits
  21. My First Creampie
  22. Daddy's Hot Cum In My Virgin Pussy
  23. Catching Daddy and Fucking Him
  24. I Fucked My Son in Ballet Class
  25. Creampied By My Son
  26. I Fucked My Son in the Car
  27. I Fucked My Son Through the Glory Hole
  28. Daddy and Mommy's Surprise
  29. Daddy's Hospital Threesome
  30. Taking Daddy's Cum While Mommy Watches
  31. Fucked By Mommy and Daddy at the Beach
  32. Red's Rocket
  33. Pounded By The Hound
  34. Scooby, Do Me!
  35. Rescued & Ravished
  36. Super Mutt!
  37. Dog Job!
  38. Canine to Remember
  39. Dog Sex
  40. Watch Dog
  41. My Son's Graduation Fuck
  42. Fucking My Son in the Hot Spring
  43. My Son Came Inside Me
  44. Fucking My Son in His Cell
  45. I Need My Son's Hot Cum
  46. Mommy's Virgin Stablehand
  47. My Son Is My Secretary & I'm Gonna Fuck Him
  48. I Fucked My Son By The Pool
  49. Full of My Son's Cum in the Art Gallery
  50. Fucking My Son In His Bedroom
  51. My Son In My Mouth By Accident
  52. Decorating Fun With My Son
  53. A Game with Mommy & Daddy
  54. Mommy & Daddy's Sex Ed.
  55. Sex Outdoors with Mommy & Daddy
  56. Mom Puts Daddy's Cock in My Ass
  57. Coached to Fuck
  58. Me & Mom Catch Him
  59. Fucked in the Fitting Room
  60. Surrogate For Daddy
  61. Caught & Fucked By Daddy
  62. Paying Daddy's Rent with My Pussy
  63. Fitting Daddy
  64. Daddy's Breeding Camp
  65. Daddy's Public Creampie
  66. Daddy's Sick But I Want His Dick
  67. A Late Night Fuck
  68. Bred In Daddy's Woodshop
  69. Daddy's Hard Cock in My Virgin Pussy
  70. Filled by Daddy After Ballet
  71. Daddy's Morning Milk
  72. A Need To Nurse
  73. Bursting With Milk For Daddy
  74. Milked For a Bet
  75. Wet Nursing Daddy
  76. My Swollen Tits Need Milking
  77. Daddy & His Friend Fuck My Ass
  78. Daddy & His Friend's Hot Rod
  79. Filled by Daddy and His Mechanic Friend
  80. My Daddy & My Tutor Fucked My Ass

About the Authors

Millie King

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

Tori Westwood

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
Take a look through my catalog and see if there's anything you like the sound of, and be sure to join our mailing list to get access to eight free filthy books and 50% off my 15 story bundle!
Happy reading! 😉


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