Ultra Taboo Incest 20-Pack Megabundle Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Each of these wicked hot stories is lovingly handcrafted for ultimate satisfaction. This is a grab bag of hot stories. Whether your kink includes father daughter, mother son, brother sister or bestiality, you’ll find the diamond you’re looking for.
20 hot stories for a buck and a quarter each! You won’t find this deal anywhere else. Take advantage of it now before I come to my senses!

Stories included:

20 Pack vol. 1

- Fucking Daddy
- Mom’s Helping Hand
- Impregnated by My Daddy
- Caught & Punished
- Sis Moves In
- Becoming Daddy’s Slut
- Mommy’s Birthday Surprise
- Taking Daddy Deep
- Gangbang Grandma
- Daughter’s First Fuck
- Spanking & Fucking My Naughty Son
- Dog is my Master
- Drilling my Drunk, Slutty Sister
- Suckling Mom’s Milky Breasts
- Daddy’s Sleepwalking Slut
- Dominated by the German Shepherd
- Daddy, Don’t Cum in My Cervix
- Punished by Mommy & Daddy
- Impregnating My Wife & Sister
- Mind-Controlled by the Hell-Hound


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