50-Pack Vol 5

by Amber FoxxFire

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This collection is an assortment of stories that are not in any other 50-pack. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Niece and lots of hot bestiality stories!

None of these stories overlap with any of the 50-packs, but may be in other packs.


Stories included:

50 Pack Vol 5


-Voodoo Doll - Part 1
-Voodoo Doll - Part 2
-Jerking Off On My Daughter's Face
-Gangbanged By The Dolphins
-Granny Rides The Bull
-Studded By The Stallion
-Submitting To The Stallion
-Breeding My Human
-The Stallion's Sleepwalking Slut
-Knocking Up My Mother's Sister Part 1
-Breeding My Slutty Sister
-Mind Controlled By The Stallion
-Knocking Up My Mother & Her Sister Part 2
-Invisible Part 1
-Pounded By The Apes
-Grounded! On Daddy's Cock!
-You've Come To The Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker!
-Taken At The Rodeo
-Seducing Daddy's Stallion
-My Dog, My Master
-Hypnotized By Space Raptors
-Doctor Daddy Knocked Me Up On The Exam Table
-Impregnating My Brother's Wife & Daughter
-Ravaged By The Centaur
-Mommy's Milky Wake Up Call (Amber's Quickies)
-Riding My Uncle (Amber's Quickies)
-Cucked By My Dog
-Fucking My Niece With Her Mother's Permission Part 1
-Knocking Up My Fertile Aunt & Her Daughter
-Bad Dog! Pastor's Wife
-Bad Dog! Sunbather
-Gangbanged By The Wild Stallions
-Breeding My Niece
-Broken By The Wild Stallion
-Gangbanging Sleeping Mom
-Mind Controlled By The Werewolf
-Demon's Sex Kitten
-Doing Doggo
-Slumber Party With My Sisters Part 1
-Dominating My Succubus Daughter
-Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
-Fucked By Death's Stallion
-Slamming My Sleeping Sister
-Wrecked By The Stallion's Massive Cock
-Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1
-Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2
-BG 1 - Gangbanged At The Dog Park
-DG 1 - Four Aces In My Daughter's Virgin Hole
-BG 2 - Gangbanged By My Horny Dogs
-FG 1 - Fucking Mom & Sis At The Same Time


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