50-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: 50-Pack Vol 1
Part of the 50-Pack series:

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This collection picks up after Ultra Taboo Incest 20-Pack Megabundle - Vol 3. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Bestiality, even some Uncle/Niece sex thrown in for good measure.

None of these stories overlap with the other Ultra Taboo packs - or the 40 pack.

If you’ve been waiting to grab my stories, now’s your chance!



Stories included:

50 Pack Vol 1


-Mind Controlled by the Boss's Dog
-Dominating My Mother
-Daddy's Little Princess Is All Tied Up
-Impregnating My Drunk, Fertile Daughter
-Whored out by Daddy to Pay the Bills
-Sleeping, Fertile Daughter’s Creampie Surprise!
-Compelled to take Daddy's Seed
-Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother
-Daddy's Little Princess is a SLUT!
-Taking What I Wanted From Daddy
-Banged By My Uncle
-My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt
-Daddy's Little Slut
-Mind-Controlling My Brother
-Knocking up My Mind-Controlled Niece
-Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter
-Milking My Mother's Full, Aching Breasts
-Stray Dog Knot
-Daddy, You Didn't Pull Out!
-Drugged, Sleeping Virgin Daughter Drilled by Daddy
-Paying Off My Debt to Daddy
-Daddy Took Me Like a Real Man
-Hungry For My Uncle's Cock
-Hypnotized by My Daughter
-Hypnotizing My Uncle
-Spilling My Brother's Seed
-Getting Daddy Drunk
-Pounding My Daughter's Pussy
-Caught Fucking the Dog
-Fucking my Bitch
-Busted By the Canine Cop
-Breeding My Bratty Sister
-Doing the Doberman
-Daddy's Slumber Party Sluts
-Fucked By Daddy's Dog
-I'm Fertile. Dad's Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!
-Mind Controlled by the Dark Unicorn
-Becoming Uncle's Bitch
-Breeding My Father's Dog
-Taken By The Guard Dogs
-Charming Daddy's Snake
-You Did What To The Chihuahua?
-Rutting With the Rottweiler
-Naughty Nooky With My Naked Niece
-Mind-Controlled & Punished By Daddy
-Grandma Got Gangbanged by the Reindeer
-Daddy Can't Take it Any Longer!
-Banged By Daddy in the Haunted House
-Sleep Sex With My Virgin Daughter
-Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter


About the Author

My stories can now be purchased directly, through Payhip (more being added all the time). You pay less, I get more, we all win.

Hey guys! I’m Amber FoxxFire!

I’m twenty five and I love to write about dirty nasty stories about daddies and their daughters doing things that are way too taboo to talk about here on my profile.


This is Amber FoxxFire signing off! Don’t forget to watch me for new stories. You don’t want to miss what I have in store for ya!