50-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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This collection picks up after Ultra Taboo Incest 20-Pack Megabundle - Vol 3. It has it all: Daddy/Daughter, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister, Bestiality, even some Uncle/Niece sex thrown in for good measure.

None of these stories overlap with the other Ultra Taboo packs - or the 40 pack.

If you’ve been waiting to grab my stories, now’s your chance!



Stories included:

50 Pack Vol 1


-Mind Controlled by the Boss's Dog
-Dominating My Mother
-Daddy's Little Princess Is All Tied Up
-Impregnating My Drunk, Fertile Daughter
-Whored out by Daddy to Pay the Bills
-Sleeping, Fertile Daughter’s Creampie Surprise!
-Compelled to take Daddy's Seed
-Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother
-Daddy's Little Princess is a SLUT!
-Taking What I Wanted From Daddy
-Banged By My Uncle
-My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt
-Daddy's Little Slut
-Mind-Controlling My Brother
-Knocking up My Mind-Controlled Niece
-Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter
-Milking My Mother's Full, Aching Breasts
-Stray Dog Knot
-Daddy, You Didn't Pull Out!
-Drugged, Sleeping Virgin Daughter Drilled by Daddy
-Paying Off My Debt to Daddy
-Daddy Took Me Like a Real Man
-Hungry For My Uncle's Cock
-Hypnotized by My Daughter
-Hypnotizing My Uncle
-Spilling My Brother's Seed
-Getting Daddy Drunk
-Pounding My Daughter's Pussy
-Caught Fucking the Dog
-Fucking my Bitch
-Busted By the Canine Cop
-Breeding My Bratty Sister
-Doing the Doberman
-Daddy's Slumber Party Sluts
-Fucked By Daddy's Dog
-I'm Fertile. Dad's Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!
-Mind Controlled by the Dark Unicorn
-Becoming Uncle's Bitch
-Breeding My Father's Dog
-Taken By The Guard Dogs
-Charming Daddy's Snake
-You Did What To The Chihuahua?
-Rutting With the Rottweiler
-Naughty Nooky With My Naked Niece
-Mind-Controlled & Punished By Daddy
-Grandma Got Gangbanged by the Reindeer
-Daddy Can't Take it Any Longer!
-Banged By Daddy in the Haunted House
-Sleep Sex With My Virgin Daughter
-Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter


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