Turned My Sleepwalking Sister Into A Bimbo Hucow

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Turned My Sleepwalking Sister Into A Bimbo Hucow

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I had no idea anyone could be that dumb. I caught my cute, 18-year-old sister sleepwalking and coaxed her to take some pills I’d had kicking around. One was a bimbo pill - which would turn her into a dumb, big-boobed blonde - and a Hucow pill - which would make those boobs continuously squirt milk.

She was so fucking dumb that even mom noticed and accused me of having something to do with it.


"Why the fuck is your sister acting like a ditz?" Mom corralled me as I was watching Netflix.

"Me? Why the hell should I know? What's she been doing?" I smiled, knowing exactly what she's been doing.

"Oh come on, son." Mom stood in front of the telly. "You've seen the way Brianna's been talking. Yesterday she was fluent in five languages, today she's not even fluent in one!"

I spit out my drink, nearly hitting mom.

"You!" She pointed her finger accusatorily. "You had something to do with Bri acting like a fucking -"

"Well, that's just like your opinion, man." Brianna came dancing in from the kitchen, holding a sandwich with the bread on the inside.

"See!" Mom's eyes flashed and her nostrils flared.

"Bri's not dumb. She's just a little slow." I turned to my formerly smart sister who was now as dumb as a box of rocks. "Bri, what's two plus two?" I asked. "Go on, tell mom."


Mom's eyes locked onto mine, narrowed, then moved reluctantly to that of my bimbo sister.

"Uh..." She started counting on her hand and dropped her sandwich. "Five!"

Mom rushed over to her 18-year-old ditzy daughter and helped her pick up the sandwich. "What did he do to you? What did that monster do to make you so --"

"Shh. Don't tell her. It might upset her." I interrupted.

"So you did do something!" Mom wagged her finger at me.

"Did what?" Bri asked, her mouth full of —

"Bri, no!" Mom swiped the inside-out sandwich from her and threw it in the garbage.

"Ma! That was a perfectly good...uh..." She rummaged around in the bin. "Sandwich!" Bri was furious. She jumped up and down, her very large breasts bobbing and swaying.

"What the ever living fuck?" Mom watched her daughter hold her breath until she was red in the face as she threw a temper tantrum.


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