Trying It In My Butt With My Friend : Anal Brats 11

by Kimmy Welsh

About This Audiobook

Listening to my friend Chelsea describe anal sex it felt like the nicest, naughtiest thing on the planet. To me the idea of having something in my ass was alien, but after listening to Chelsea describe it I knew I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Later in my bedroom I try out a new plug, slotting it home and relishing the sensation. I barely have chance to enjoy it before Peter bursts in and I have to slide my dress down over the toy.

He hops on the end of the bed and every bounce of his makes the toy wiggle inside me. I confess to him what I’ve done and he’s immediately a changed man. Now I have designs of making Peter be my first and he’s more than happy to help. Listen as he slides his thickness into my tight ass, giving me everything I desire.


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