Training Trigger – Book 2

Bestiality Zoophilia Horse Virgin Girl Blowjob Sex Erotica

by Taboo Pleasure

My new stallion, Trigger, probably would’ve been happy if I’d just kept giving him daily hand jobs. Seriously, why wouldn’t he? But then my own dirty thoughts led me to want more. Taking Trigger out to ride fence for a couple of days would give us the alone time to experiment together.

And boy howdy did my plan work - in fact, you could say it was a BLAST.

This bestiality story is about a virgin girl using blowjobs and hand jobs to give a stallion just what he needs…and just what she wants. Buckets of cum is included at no extra charge. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


I’m just lucky that my daddy gives me the time and space to train my horse the way I want, but I’ve been thinking it would be hard to explain what I was doing to my horse if Daddy were to walk into the barn at the wrong time. Sure, it was his theory that Trigger needed to get off, but I think Daddy was imagining a filly being the one to take care of Trigger, not me.

So, I decided I would just have to be careful and wait until Daddy was busy with chores before I took care of Trigger’s needs. Then I realized that if I took Trigger out to ride fence with me out on the range, I could have him all to myself, without needing to worry about Daddy stumbling in on us. What a great way to get time alone with Trigger without any interference!

About the Author

Hi! I write sexy incest and bestiality stories under the naughty name of Taboo Pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about my taboo desires - check back often for new family fantasies.

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