Tight Of Passage : Anal Swap Incest 4

by Kimmy Welsh

A father, Bill, overhears his daughter talking about losing her virginity, suggesting that it’s a rite of passage that a woman goes on.  Her friend then informs her that there are two types of virginity that a woman can lose.

Bill considers that the same could be said for a man and wonders what it might be like to be filled.  In his sleep he is visited by a strange apparition that grants him a day as his daughter so that he can discover the joys of anal sex without the guilt that goes with it.


It started as a tingle deep inside that was easy to ignore at first.  He thought perhaps that he needed the toilet, but the longer he felt that way the more he realized it was something else entirely.

There was a sudden growing-pain that made Bill lurch to life.  He strained a groan, covering his mouth so as not to wake his wife beside him.

Carefully he eased himself from the bed.  He walked across the carpet towards the en-suite and locked himself inside.  The lights were bright as he stared at his reflection that seemed somehow different.

“What?” Bill hushed, looking into his eyes.  They seemed to swirl and change color.

At the same time Bill noticed his hair was growing out in length.  He could feel the strands rushing through the tiny holes in his scalp.  It was like nothing he’d ever known.

“What the fuck!” Bill cried and for the moment he forgot about his sleeping wife.


Bill’s boxer-shorts turned slack on his waist as it shrank in size.  When he stared ahead again he was shrinking too, and the features of his face seemed much more feminine than before.  His stubble was nowhere to be seen and his chin seemed softer and less pronounced.

Bill marveled as a big set of tits ballooned on his chest, pushing out from where his pecs had once been.  It was a full-body transformation—the kind that the apparition had foretold.

“That was real?!” Bill cried, but his voice was now much higher and it had lost the gravel that it once held.

He stared confused, looking between the mirror and his new, changing body.  His hands were smaller and thinner.  His nails were painted and his wrists were slender.

“What the fuck!” Bill cried again, and his voice sounded all too familiar.

Just then the door of the bathroom opened.  His wife appeared in it with a face like thunder.

“What have I told you about using our en-suite, Ellen?!” it said.

Bill froze in shock, looking at the scowl of his wife.

“That means it’s time to leave,” she said, opening the door wide.

Bill skipped past her naked.  He looked to the empty bed where he’d once lay.

“Make sure your father doesn’t see you,” she said.  “He’ll be getting ready to leave for work.”

“Okay,” Bill said softly, wondering what voice would leave his mouth.  Thankfully it was Ellen’s.

Outside in the hallway Bill closed the door.  He stared along the dark corridor, viewing his house from a whole new height.

What am I going to do? Bill thought.

He had to get dressed, that was the first concern, but he couldn’t risk venturing into Ellen’s room and having her see him.

Instead Bill slinked downstairs to the laundry room.  Thankfully there was a pair of dry jean-shorts and a tank-top.  Bill couldn’t find a bra but this was better than nothing.

He put them on and felt a freedom and comfort that he hadn’t known before.  The way the top fell lightly over his new breasts felt good and how his jeans hugged his ass also felt incredible.

Bill tip-toed around as the day broke through outside.  He found the long mirror in the hallway and looked at his new body.

“So this is what it feels like,” he hushed.

Her turned around and looked back over his shoulder, checking out his daughter’s ass that now belonged to him.


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