The VR Switch-Up : Anal Swap Incest 7

by Kimmy Welsh

A father, Richard, is browsing porn when he happens upon a video of his own daughter, Frida.  He’s mortified but beyond curious.  Against his better judgment he investigates her other videos, discovering that she had also done many anal scenes.

One scene has the option of VR so Richard dons his headset to partake, but accidentally puts himself in Frida’s position.  The sensations feel all too real and soon Richard is taking it hard and for the first time in the naughtiest spot of all!


Richard clicked on the image under the guise of investigating his daughter’s doppelganger.  A new page popped up and the video loaded quickly.  The camera moved into a room and towards a beautiful woman who stood in high-heels and lingerie.  Richard quickly paused the video and pushed his chair away from the desk.  He covered his mouth and looked away.

It was every father’s worse nightmare.  Immediately he started to ask himself some serious questions about how he’d raised his daughter.  He guessed that was a natural response, but what he did next was perhaps not so natural.

So consumed by curiosity was Richard that he couldn’t stop himself from going back to the screen.  Tentatively he moved his chair forwards and then pressed play on the video again.

His daughter’s lips moved but nothing came out of them.  Richard quickly unmuted his laptop and caught the tail-end of the sentence.  The voice was unmistakable.


“…and today I’m going to get pounded.”

There were cheers from behind the camera and Frida smiled.  Richard covered his mouth again.  He didn’t know what to do with himself.  He was caught in a dangerous web of curiosity, wriggling desperately to free himself and do what most people would have done: close the damn laptop.

He stared around the video now, looking to the likes and comments that the video had received.  Then he spotted the username who had submitted the video.  It read: ‘Jezebel’s Journey.

Richard made another stupid decision and it wasn’t about to be his last.  Against his better judgment he clicked on the profile’s link and was suddenly presented with several pages of videos, all of which contained his daughter.

“Jesus,” he hushed.

Richard hadn’t yet pulled up his pants.  They sat around his ankle as he leant on his desk and began scrolling.  The videos all featured naughty titles that left little to the imagination, but one such title caught his eye.  ‘Jezebel Takes It Hard in the Ass,’ it read.

Richard paused, hovering his pointer over the image.  Several thumbnails played in front of him.  Richard turned his head but his eyes remained fixed as the sinful collage of photos displayed in front of him.

“Oh, Frida,” he hushed.

Richard had a thing for anal.  He loved watching women’s asses get filled on screen and found himself more than curious about the sensations each person might feel.

He wondered how it might feel to have a tight muscle like that wrapped around his cock, but he also found himself wondering how it might feel to take something that big in that spot.  His wife wasn’t keen on exploring either scenario.

Richard pressed play on the video and pushed his chair back again.  He tried to distance himself from the images, but as the footage rolled his curiosities began to get the better of him again.

His daughter introduced herself and was quickly set upon by a man who arrived from off-screen.  He was already naked and sporting a huge erection.  Richard stared.  He knew where that thing was going.

“You gonna put that in my ass?” his daughter asked.  The words stung Richard as he heard them, hitting his chest like barbs.  No man should ever have to witness that happen to his daughter, but Richard continued in spite of himself.


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