The Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack 6 – 80 Stories of Ultra Taboo

by Betsi Ality, Connie Cuckquean, Margot Devine, Millie King, Kimmy Welsh, Tori Westwood

'The Ultra Taboo Mammoth Pack 6' features 80 stories and over 360,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet.  Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Anal Mothers, Bratty Virgin Daughters, Brother Sister Incest, Innocent Randy Sons, Adult Fairy Tales, Beauties And Beasts as well as a heavy dollop of threesomes, anal and breeding thrown in for good measure.  First-time virgins, messy creampies, family sex and bestiality at a fantastic saving — this collection has it all!

The naughty stories in the Taboo Mammoth Packs are not duplicated in the other 80-Packs of the series.  This pack features Naughty Taboo Forty 5 and 6.

Featuring –  

  1. Farmer Daddy’s Prize Milk
  2. Holy Cow
  3. Daddy’s Magical Latte
  4. Training My Tits
  5. 21 or Bust
  6. The Milkiest Showgirl
  7. My Son’s Hard Cock Was a Side-Effect
  8. Be My Naughty Photographer
  9. Fucking My Son In The Gym
  10. Creampied By My Son Beneath The Stars
  11. Insatiable
  12. Sex With My Son On The Links
  13. Cross Pollination
  14. My Sons Came In My P Then F’d My A
  15. Pegged
  16. Cuckolded
  17. The Horniest Mermaid
  18. The Princess and the Stablehand
  19. Daddy’s Secret Stash
  20. My First Time Anal Meet-Up
  21. Spin The Bottle
  22. Anal For Sale
  23. Tex-Ass Hold’em
  24. F’d In The A By The Highway
  25. Comforted By My Boss – In The A!
  26. Helping Hands
  27. F’ing Both My Sons
  28. My Daughter’s Dress
  29. Taught By His Dad To F His Mom
  30. I Thought My Son’s C Was My Husband’s
  31. Selling Pantyhose With My Daughter
  32. Play Acting
  33. I Went On A Hike And Became Daddy And The Dog’s Bike
  34. Daddy Caught Me Sucking The Dog’s C
  35. Pavlov’s Daughter
  36. I Didn’t Even Know Dogs F’d Asses!
  37. The Queen’s Corgis F’d Me While I Sucked Daddy
  38. Naughtiest In Show
  39. Dog F 3000
  40. Eleanor & Hooch
  41. Putting My Sleeping Daddy In My Mouth
  42. Clean-Up In The Dairy Aisle
  43. Ice-Cream Fundae
  44. Sin On Splash Canyon
  45. Sexorcism
  46. Lacto-Park
  47. Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack
  48. Daddy’s Secret Milking Rack 2
  49. F’ing My Son & His Dad
  50. Mommy Daddy Daughter Art Class
  51. Greased
  52. Family Sex Ed
  53. I Caught My Son & Daughter Masturbating
  54. VR-Sex With My Son And Husband
  55. Downward Facing Doggy-Style
  56. Son Becomes Mom
  57. Reflections Of Sin
  58. Mom For A Night
  59. The Female Form
  60. Foreign Bodies
  61. The Changing Room
  62. A Change Of Scenery
  63. Daddy Becomes Maddie
  64. The Night Of Daddy’s Life
  65. In His Daughter’s World
  66. Tight Of Passage
  67. Swallowed Whole
  68. The Love Tent
  69. The V.R Switch-Up
  70. A Close Shave
  71. Check-Mating
  72. Ass-F’d By My Dad In Mom’s Bed
  73. The Power Of Ass-F’ing
  74. The Pit In My Stomach
  75. Truffle F
  76. Hard Dog
  77. F’ing The Dog Back-Stage
  78. Bukkake Races
  79. Doggy-Style Training
  80. The Whore Rooms

Farmer Daddy’s Prize Milk : Suckled Daughters 1

Daddy had raised dairy-cows for years, and Amber was one of his best.  Her milk was the talk of the farmer’s market.  It fetched a hefty price due to its richness and limited supply.  People would use it in cakes to give it a velvety, decadent texture, or put it in coffees for the ultimate morning pick-me-up.  Others would drink it by the glass and savor the sweetness that no other milk quite achieved.  Daddy was proud of Amber, and rightly so.

All good things must come to an end though, and this good thing came to an end in a way so strange that I daresay you won’t quite believe me.

You’ll have to forgive my accent, by the way, and I hope it doesn’t come across too British.  I’m afraid Daddy and I are as English as they come, right the way down to Daddy’s tea-drinking and his tweed caps and jackets.  He fell short of smoking a pipe, although I think that’s only because Mum won’t let him.


Anyway, I digress.  Our story begins late one stormy night.  The barn-door was going crazy in the wind and must have come off the latch.  The second I heard it I was sprinting from my bedroom.  The last thing you want is the cows getting out on a night like this.

So I ran across the muddy courtyard to the barn and thankfully managed to barricade the door shut before our inquisitive bovines had planned their escape.

I double-checked for Amber as she was the one cow we couldn’t afford to lose.  She seemed fine, although a little shaken by the rumbling storm overhead.  I don’t think my flash-light pointed directly at her face was much help either.

I stayed with the cows a while as they mooed uneasily, shuffling on their feet and unable to sleep a wink.  I wasn’t surprised.  Out here there wasn’t much shielding you from the wrath of the elements.

Suddenly there came a deep grumble of thunder.  It started in the distance and came closer, as though the storm was targeting our farmstead in particular.  I wondered perhaps if one of Daddy’s milk rivals had hired a shaman to send over a thunderstorm.  Honestly, you can’t put it past these people.  They take their milk very, very seriously.

The barn was cold but the cow’s coats are quite thick.  It’s their breed, you see.  A benefit of that is that you can snuggle up against them if you happen to find yourself outside in a storm.

For twenty minutes I stayed and all the while the rumble grew nearer until the cracks and flashes of thunder were visible outside.

They lit up the sky, sparking through the sheets of rain that poured down.  It was like the damn apocalypse.  Daddy was a deep sleeper and wasn’t rousing, despite the incessant mooing of the worried cattle.

Amber seemed more frightened than most.  She was shaking and shivering, and her silence was a stark contrast to the animated noises of the cows around her.

She was shaken up alright.  I stayed until the storm passed, leaving only the rain in its wake.  When things had quietened down and the animals seemed settled I locked them in the barn and walked back to the house.

After toweling off and getting warm I managed to sleep, waking only a few hours later to the sound of Daddy downstairs in the kitchen.

“Fetch me some milk, Agnes,” he shouted up to me.

I know, I know, ‘Agnes’ is a terrible name!  Daddy is nothing if not traditional, and unfortunately the men in his family often name their first-born daughters after their own mothers.  It made Grandma Agnes happy, but I’d have preferred Amber’s name in all honesty.

“Coming, Daddy!” I cried from the bedroom above.  Now that I was nineteen Daddy insisted that I pull my weight.  Last year he was showing me the ropes but this year I had to step-up.  It seemed only fair.  I’d be staying for free otherwise, and there were always plenty of jobs to do on the farm.

I dressed quickly in my gown and Wellington boots.  Not the most chic of outfits, of course, but it gets the job done.

I ran back into the courtyard and noticed that Mum’s car was gone already.  On Fridays she’d sometimes leave early for work.  She was a ‘networker’ as she called it.  She’d travel around and try to broker deals with traders and stores.  Daddy said it was better that she went alone, as the guys she often dealt with could be easily persuaded into a business relationship.  Mum had all the sass and sex-appeal but Daddy trusted her.  Turned out there were about to be bigger problems back at home!

So I went out in the barn to fetch the morning’s milk.  Daddy was old-school.  He’d get it warm, straight from the cow and use it for his breakfast tea and porridge.  It really did make the difference, trust me.

I grabbed a sterilized pale and walked over to Amber.  She was still looking a little worst-for-wear since last night, but frankly so was I.  My hair was all straggly from the preceding storm.  With my dressing-gown half-around me I must have looked like a disheveled mess.  Thank God we worked alone out here.

I set about squeezing those cutesy little teats that hung off her udder.  The second the first spurt panged off the bottom of the bucket I knew something was amiss.  First of all the milk didn’t seem as pure-white as usual.  It looked much more yellow.  Secondly there came the smell.  I’d long-heard of thunderstorms affecting milk, but I thought that was an old wives’ tale.  Farming is full of them, so it wouldn’t have surprised me.

There was no getting away from it though, the milk just smelled foul.  I brought the bucket cautiously to my mouth and took a sip.  It was sour alright.  The bit that I didn’t swallow I spat back out in the bucket.

At first I was aghast at the taste, but then I realized the real worry.  Daddy’s prize milk was ruined.

I wanted to run back the house and tell him, but before I did that the strangest sensation started to come over me.

I thought the milk had turned me woozy.  I felt suddenly light-headed.  There followed a sensation of great fullness.  I held my stomach, wondering if I was going to be sick.  Instead of that though I felt this intense euphoria blossom over me.  Despite the circumstances, I had the pervading thought that everything was going to be okay.  It didn’t linger long.  Following that quickly afterwards was an intense pressure beginning in my breasts.

Now a farmer’s daughter is nothing if not busty—or at least that’s the case in England.  Don’t ask me why or how.  It must have been some long-lineage, or perhaps farmers have a penchant for big-breasted wives.  Whatever the reason, my Mum’s huge charms had been passed down to me.

Suddenly they felt inexplicably bigger, if that was possible.  It was as though I was experiencing a growth-spurt, localized directly on my tits.  In fact, ‘spurt’ was the best word for it, because not long after the sensation arrived, I felt a spurt of liquid shoot from my nipples.

I pulled my bra forward off my tits and inspected beneath.  They looked wet.  I watched them curiously and my eyes spread wide as they seemed to inflate further still.

When I dropped my bra back against my tits I could feel it digging into my skin.  It was pushing my tits back against my rib-cage and cutting in to the side of my body.

I raced my gown off and unclasped the bra, feeling a great relief as soon as I did so.  My brow furrowed as I inspected the inside of the bra-cup and found it wet with a hint of white about it.  I looked down at my tits just in time to a see a bead of white appear on the teat.

“My God!” I hushed.

Amber mooed and I looked across at her.  The cow seemed to nod, as though it had imparted some strange power.

Again I felt the sensation.  This time my other breast was producing a teardrop of milk that turned into a gentle flow.  It ran down off the nipple and curled under the curve of my tits.  When it hit my body it started to roll down over my equally milky flesh.

“What’s happening to me?!”

The veins in my breasts were more pronounced and the milk was flowing so freely that I needed another bucket to catch it.  I took a clean one and squirted the milk inside.  The feeling of relief was unsurpassed.  It was as though the pressure that I felt inside me was being slowly relieved.

More and more spurts hit the bucket until I had a pale to rival Amber’s.  It looked just as creamy too.

Naturally I brought a sample of it to my lips and I was blown away.  It tasted almost identical to the offering that Amber would often produce.

I bit my lip nervously and looked about the barn, hoping that inspiration would strike and I’d find a way out of this sticky mess.  First though, I had to attend to Daddy.

I pulled my gown back around me and left the bra where it was for now.  I took the pale back inside and Daddy grabbed it from me quickly.

“Took you long enough,” he said.  “My tea’s almost getting cold.”

Daddy put the edge of the pale to his cup and started to tilt it.   I watched my breast-milk flow into the cup and mingle with his dark tea.  It produced a fantastically rich, tanned brown color.  Daddy swooned.

“As good as always,” he smiled, and then he poured the remainder into a saucepan of porridge.

I was mortified, but I couldn’t help but be curious.  It’s not exactly an every-day occurrence that your own Daddy drinks your tit milk without even realizing.

“That might be the finest drop yet,” Daddy said obliviously, licking his lips.

I blushed with embarrassment.  Not only was he drinking my milk, he was absolutely loving it.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, running his tongue over his lips where my milk still danced.  He looked a picture of unadulterated bliss and I knew exactly how he felt.  The milk seemed to inject a certain essence into the drinker.  Daddy looked so handsome, stood there enjoying it.

“I want more,” he said, looking to me.

“More?”  I was flummoxed.

“More,” Daddy said.  “I’ll fetch some.”

He was on his feet and in his boots in no time.  I pulled my gown tight across me and followed him into the courtyard.

“I can fetch it, Daddy,” I said.  “It’s okay.”

“Nonsense, I’m half-way there.”

He walked briskly in his boots and navy-blue pajamas.

“Father, I don’t mind!”

I pulled at the pale and Daddy tugged back.  He opened the barn door and walked inside.  The whole time I followed him close, fearful that he might discover Amber’s plight and blame me.

“I’ll do it, Daddy I insist,” I grunted, wrestling the pale from him.

He took it away from me and stared.

I swallowed nervously and tried to be calm, but Daddy’s curious gaze was making me uncomfortable.

“What is it?”

“Your tits, Agnes,” he said simply.

I looked down to see that I’d spilled completely out of my gown.  Not only that, but the beads of milk were still steadily flowing.

“Oh, golly!” I cried, pulling the gown across me quick.

Daddy seemed mesmerized.

“I’ll … fetch you some more?” I asked.

Daddy nodded, keeping his eyes locked on my gown.  There was a growing dark patch on each breast as the milk bled into the fabric and spread outwards.

I knelt to Amber and stealthily slipped out a breast.  I pinched towards the teat and fired the cream into the bucket, hoping that Daddy didn’t notice where the fluid was coming from.

“There,” I announced chirpily.

I covered up my breast and turned back to him, but Daddy was still transfixed.

“I feel funny,” he said.

I placed the bucket down and hurried to him.  “Are you okay?”

“I feel funny, Agnes.  I can’t explain it.”

“Are you sick?” I asked, worried.

I placed a hand on his forehead.

“Not sick,” he said.

“Then what?”

“I feel like I need your mother back.”

“I’m here, Daddy.  I can help.  Mum won’t be back for hours.”

“I need something,” Daddy urged.

“What?  What do you need?”

“I need to do something with this.”

Daddy pointed down and I leaned back to look.  The front of his pajama-pants was bursting forward, pushed out from his waist.  There could only be one thing doing that.

“Daddy!” I cried, shocked and impressed.

“I need your mother.”

“I’m here, Daddy,” I said.  “It’s okay.”

All the while my breasts dribbled their milk and Daddy’s eyes targeted them, transfixed by their nectar.

“More milk,” he insisted.

“But Daddy, you—”


I hurried him the bucket and he clamored for it ravenously.  He placed it to his lips and guzzled down the offering.

As I watched him feed from me I started to awaken.  There was something inexplicably hot about nurturing him like that and knowing that he was absolutely relishing each mouthful.  It was as though I’d offered him a home-cooked meal and he was gratefully devouring it.  I felt proud and wanted all at once.

“That’s fucking good, Agnes,” Daddy said.  It was most uncharacteristic.

“You like it?”

He nodded.  “It’s yours isn’t it?”

“No!  No, it’s not mine!”

Daddy nodded to the long, smooth, glossy, metal containers that housed the milk from the other cows.  Everything was spick-and-span in the barn, and the huge vats shone like mirrors.  I realized all too late that Daddy could see my ruse in the reflection.

At first I was mortified.  I stared at him, horrified by what I’d done.  But soon-after I realized that Daddy had seen the whole thing and had still opted to guzzle it all down.  He knew he was drinking my breast-milk, and he just didn’t care.

“It was amazing,” he confessed.  “Do you have any more under there for me?”

I felt bashful and proud all at once.  My hand fondled my pronounced nipples that were now punching out through the silken fabric of my gown.

“Under here?” I asked.

Daddy watched and I ran a finger in a circle around my nipples

“Yes,” he hushed.

He took a step forward and I slipped a hand inside my bra.  I knew I was doing something utterly sinful and wrong, but I just couldn’t help it.  Daddy seemed to have been bitten by the same bug, because he was being equally foolish.

He moved the middle of my gown open and I dropped my hands to allow him inside.  The pressure in my tits was close to bursting.  The steady drip of milk from my nipples increased into another fine-stream and then an outright spurt.  The milk blasted forwards and I leaned back to groan at its release.  It was exciting me beyond measure and I could feel my pussy respond by becoming as damp as my gown.

I watched now as Daddy opened his mouth wide and met the fine jet of milk.  It scattered on his face and then hit the inside of his mouth.  He rolled it around his tongue and hummed, then he moved forward towards the source.

“That’s it, Daddy,” I groaned.  “This can be your breakfast.”

His mouth opened again and he latched on to the life-giving breast, helping to relieve the pressure by sucking fiercely on the teat.

Like a cow’s udder it delivered.  I held his head on me and scratched at his scalp, encouraging him to feed from both of my charms.

“Don’t forget this one,” I offered, and Daddy obliged by moving over and giving it the same treatment.

He guzzled down the ambrosia, then stood up and stared at me with a film of white about his lips.

“I fear I’m about to do something much worse,” he hinted.

“Do it,” I dared.  “I want it.”

Daddy downed his pajama bottoms and his engorged cock sprang upwards.  I gasped and swooned at its size.  He was so big and manly that I almost felt at a disadvantage.

When I saw that gorgeous cock of his I was utterly smitten and transfixed.  My eyes could move nowhere else, even as the milk continued to spurt fantastically from my chest.

“Daddy, that looks so gorgeous,” I told him.

His eyes were on my tits but mine were firmly on his cock.  As he had already had the delights of my breasts I felt it only right that it should now be my turn to sample him.

“I want to suck it,” I urged.

“Suck it, Agnes.  Put it in your mouth.”

I dropped to my knees and the milk spattered his pajamas.  I turned a shoulder in and aimed the jet of cream at his dick, pinching to the end of my nipples to increase the strength of the stream.

Daddy watched carefully and groaned delightfully when the warm nectar glazed his cock.

“That’s better,” I smirked.

Daddy let out a laugh too, but when I opened my mouth over the crown of his hard dick the laughter stopped.  A heady groan replaced it as he cast his head back.

I could feel the strength of his arousal in my mouth.  It was like hard rock-candy.  I could taste the sweetness of my milk on him too and decided I needed more.

I started to lean back and apply more milk to his length, with Daddy’s encouragement of course.

“Coat my cock in your love,” he said, moving my hair aside and holding it back.

I fed the cream over him, dousing his stiffness and then plunging it back into my mouth.  I pressed him right to the back of my throat and felt my pussy awaken as my eyes bulged.

“Oh, Agnes, you are something else!”

I pinched my lips tight around him and pulled back towards the tip.  He bounced free and then lifted my chin.

“On your back, Agnes,” he said.  “I want to fuck your tits.”

I beamed with excitement and wasted no time at all.  I fell backwards onto the hard floor and watched as Daddy hopped out of his pants.  His huge cock flailed and smacked against the inside of his thigh and then it started to come towards me.

He took off his gown and showed me the manly, big, hairy chest beneath.  God I wanted to touch it so bad.  I wouldn’t have to wait long.

I bit my lip and held my breath, watching his cock descend and Daddy with it.  He took it in his grasp and I spread my tits wide.

“Good girl,” he groaned, pressing his cock into my cleavage.

I pushed my tits up around him and a surge of milk fired up against his torso.  It dripped down onto me as Daddy started to pump his hips and send his huge cock gliding through my wet cleavage.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” he groaned.  “Just like your mother.  Agnes, that’s so fucking perfect.”

It was odd to hear him swear like that and odd to hear him compare me to Mum.  But, the compliment was undeniable.  Dad thought the world of Mum, so to be compared to her was a rare privilege.

“Where do you want me to shoot?” Daddy asked, continuing to work his hips.

“Gosh, I don’t know,” I confessed.  “Where would you like to?”

“I can think of a lot of places …”

Daddy’s cock moved up and out of my cleavage.  I pressed my chin to my chest and opened my mouth to meet him, claiming the crown as he thrust forwards and popping my lips off him when he withdrew.

“Do it where you like,” I told him.  “I don’t care.  I just want to please you.”

“You are, honey.  You are.”

He pushed my gown wide open now and it fell back against the floor like a blanket.  His big, wet cock moved from my cleavage and Daddy knelt between my legs.  He looked down on me adoringly.

“You look so perfect, Agnes.”

I bit my lip and scrunched my shoulders.  “You look pretty good yourself.”

I stared right at his cock and then looked back to him.  “What are you gonna do with that?” I asked.

“The naughtiest thing I can think of.”

“You’re going to put it in my arse?”

Daddy laughed.  “Clearly you can think naughtier than I can.”


“I’m going to put it in this fine, tight pussy.”

“Oh!  That will certainly do.”

His big hand rubbed at my panties and then he looked to me in amazement.

“You’re soaked!”

I raised my eyebrows and bared my teeth.  “Sorry!”

“Nothing to be sorry about,” Daddy said, moving the crotch of my panties over.

I let out a deep breath and realized that this was it.  This was the moment that my Daddy was about to—

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned.

His big cock had spread right through my tight muscle, gobbled up quickly by my drooling core.  I felt full immediately, but Daddy had much more to give.  He pressed onwards and moved his cock deep.  I gripped him tight and grunted, sending a jet of milk firing into the air like the fountains of the Bellagio.

The pair of us groaned and the cows around us groaned too.  They mooed and watched on, wondering what the hell the two of were doing on the floor in the middle of their barn.

Daddy’s big hands came underneath me and he wrapped me in his tight embrace.  When I was lifted slightly from the floor he increased his thrusts, slamming into me and using his arms to yank me back against his thrusts.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!” I wailed, shaking like a rag-doll beneath him.

My tits wobbled against him and their milk sprayed out, hitting his chest and catching in his hair. I could feel the warm wetness between us.  The embrace felt like the most erotic thing I’d ever done or witnessed, and in no time at all I was close to climaxing.

“You’re gonna make me come,” I moaned, gasping for breaths and clawing at his back.

“Come for me, Agnes,” he dared.  “I wanna feel you tighten on my cock.”

Hearing those words leave his mouth was like a catalyst.  The orgasm blossomed quickly and tore through me.  I wept out my moans beneath him, biting into his shoulder as he continued to pound his huge cock through me.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re making me come!”

“I’m close too, darling,” he grunted.  “I’m really close!”

“Shoot it inside me.  Give me your cum!”

I’d never wanted something so badly.  The milk from Amber had sent me wild, and my milk had had the same effect on Daddy.  The two of us were feeding on each other’s naughtiness and there was nothing to keep us in check.

“Pump your fucking cum in me!” I whined, and I opened my eyes and stared into Daddy’s to show him I meant it.

“Oh, Agnes!”

“Come inside me!”

“Oh, Agnes!”

Daddy’s eyes closed and his whole body trembled.  I felt the swell and surge in his cock.  Knowing how imminent it was excited me further and I wriggled down on him with a grunt, relishing the moment.

I looked into his face and saw the pleasure wash over him.  At exactly the same moment I felt the bursting flash of heat arrive inside me, followed quickly by a long, heady groan.

“I’m coming!” he cried.

He didn’t need to tell me.  I could feel the fierce lashings blast within and then the heat from him started to spread through me.

“Oh, Daddy!” I cried, my own orgasm still rippling within.  “Oh, Daddy, that’s so nice!”

He pumped slower now, sending his cum deep as my tits continued to weep their milk.  His cock became glossed in his cum and started to slide through me easier.  The texture of his slippery stiffness cruising through me was second only to the sensation of his lips on my nipples.

As if he could hear my thoughts Daddy brought his mouth to my breasts again and took one last feast, grinding his big cock into me as he exorcised the milk from my teat.

“Perfect,” I whispered, holding him to me.

“You are.”

I closed my eyes and melted against him.  I felt a sudden pang of guilt that I tried to quash.  It mingled with the danger of a pussy full of his cum and I had to fight hard to stay in the moment.

Daddy’s eyes opened and he smiled.  Everything drifted away suddenly.  He pulled back away from me and wiped his mouth, then he pulled himself out.

His cock was still stiff with a delicious coating of cum over his length.  Daddy jerked it slowly, pinching out one last bead of cum that fell down onto my stomach.  I rubbed at it and Daddy squeezed at my tits.

“That sure was something,” he laughed, running a hand through his hair.

“You can say that again,” I giggled.

Thankfully the pressure in my breasts had gone and they were no longer leaking everywhere.  The intense burning lust had also lifted, and I wondered if the milk had some kind of lusty time-limit, or whether our combined climaxes had signaled the end of our forays.

“I’ll leave you to milk Amber,” Daddy said, and I didn’t yet have the heart to tell him the bad news.

“Will do.”

Daddy dressed calmly and I watched that magnificent figure of his be covered by his morning attire.  It seemed so odd to watch him leave the barn in his dressing-gown and pajamas, knowing that only a moment before he’d been naked and stiff and pressed against me.

Gradually I got to my feet and looked to Amber who seemed to have a smile in her dark eyes, as though she knew.

“What do I do now?!” I asked aloud.  A moo followed.

There was only one thing to do.  Pass my own milk off as Amber’s and hope for first-prize at the farmer’s market regardless.

I had become Daddy’s new prize cow!




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