The Straight Guy’s Ass Is All Mine

by Tossing Salad

A hundred percent straight and just married? Oh my, this guy knows how to make my cock hard.


“No wait, you can’t fuck my ass. You can’t! It will be too sore, I can’t get fucked in the ass.”
He was till protesting despite his ejaculation in my mouth. I simply laughed, wet my finger in my mouth, and slipped my fingertip into his rectum.
“Just getting you nice and wet man, we got to get your butt real wet for my dick. I’ve got a big one down here. Now it hurts the first time for everybody, but stick with me, I’m sure you’ll love it. It’ll be like we’re making love on the beach.”
I pressed my wet cockhead against his wet opening and pushed forward.
“Aaaaah…ooowwww that fucking hurts!”
I drove all the way in, my strong cock powering past the resistance of his clenching sphincter till I was hilt deep, my balls pressed against his ass cheeks.

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