The Rough Lactation : Daddy’s Cream 22

by Millie King

Book Cover: The Rough Lactation : Daddy’s Cream 22
Part of the Daddy's Cream series:

Daddy knows my body better than I do and he’s got something to show me that I never knew was possible.

I’m reluctant at first but when the work starts its undeniably arousing.  His heavy-handed roughness really gets me going and when he squeezes my ripe tits and they fire out a lashing of milk I surrender myself to him completely.  Take me, Daddy!


His hands squeezed at my tits and the milk continued to pour out of me, sprinkling from the nipple in a fine spray that dropped back against me and dribbled into my cleavage.

It turned wet and eased Daddy’s passing, sending his stiff, slippery cock sliding through me even faster now.

“Fuck my tits,” I snarled, looking down as the crown of his length got covered in a thin, white film.

I licked the smooth tip and tasted my sweet nectar on his cock, relishing the sensation.  Daddy gripped harder and fucked my tits faster, hunching his shoulders together and tensing his firm pecs.

He loosed his grip and pulled his t-shirt off, showing me the ripples of his fine muscles.  Daddy was a real specimen of a man and I was seeing a whole new side to him now.  In the past he’d been doting and stern when necessary, but now he was being downright rough and dirty.  It felt like a treat to see him from a different perspective.


Daddy planted himself back between my veiny tits, pushing them together and rocking his hips back and forth.  He slipped in and out of me, milking my bountiful breasts in the process until my entire torso was soaked in cream, along with the tattered tank-top.

This time when he pulled his cock out from my cleavage he moved his face to mine, kissing me passionately and holding my chin as he did so.  His tongue ran messily around my mouth and then he moved his face down to my tits, latching himself back on my nipple and sucking a healthy stream of my nectar into his mouth.

He moved back up and kissed me again, letting the milk flow from his own mouth into mine.  I giggled at how debauched it was, enjoying the messiness of it all immensely.  His tongue washed around mine and the milk spilled from my mouth, dripping down the side of my face.  I swallowed the rest of my cream down as Daddy moved to explore lower.

I stared up at the ceiling and felt him kiss his way down me.  When he kissed over my tits and continued his descent I started to tense up.  When I felt his lips on my navel I closed my eyes.  Soon-after his heavy hands were ripping at my yoga-pants too.

I gave a helpless yelp as I listened to them rip open, then I felt the cool air on my crotch that turned warm when his mouth approached.

He peeled my panties over to the side and dropped his mouth over me before I had time to settle in.

“Yes!” I gushed, sitting up to stare down on him as he ate my pussy for the first time.

Daddy licked me like he really meant it, using his fingers to spread me open and slipping his tongue over my fast-stiffening clit.

I could feel my pussy swelling for him and he took my breath from me in an instant.  As he licked over me I felt the milk continue to stream from me and I wondered if it would ever come to an end.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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