The Piper’s Harem

by Margot Devine

The Pied Piper is tasked with ridding the town of Babehaven of an infestation of rats, but when the Mayor doesn’t pay up he turns his magical flute into something much more sinful.  Read as he woos the beleaguered wives of the townsfolk with his alluring instrument, claiming them for himself as they fall for him in unison.  It’s some naughty, medieval revelry that you won’t want to miss!


One of the ladies unmoored the boat and pushed it from the shore.  The Mayor rushed forward but the gap to the boat was too large for his portly frame to jump.

“Get back here!” he spat and he watched with anger as the long-boat floated to the middle of the river and drifted off on the current.

The Mayor’s wife approached the Piper and crouched at his feet, staring up at the wet, silk-clad body of her hero.

He nodded simply and then she stared forward, scrambling at his fineries and searching gleefully for a hole with which to relieve the Piper through.

“Marie!” cried the Mayor again, and now other husbands joined the cries as they stood on the shore and watched helplessly.

The long-boat started to float down-river and the Mayor followed along the bank, calling his wife’s name to no avail.


By now she had torn a hole in the fine silk of the Piper’s outfit, but he cared not a jot.  His stiff cock burst through the split seam and was met immediately by Marie’s mouth.  She surged her lips over him and the music from the flute turned briefly shrill as the Piper’s stiffness pushed to the back of the lady’s throat.

But it wasn’t just Marie.  The twenty-or-so women that had boarded the boat were each as randy as the last.  They kissed the Piper’s face and when they couldn’t get at his face they helped Marie with his cock, running their tongues all over him as he stood proudly amongst them.

The women who weren’t fortunate enough to reach the Piper had started to kiss in front of him, all of them vying for his attention and doing anything they could to get it.

The Mayor followed downstream, cursing from the river back and regretting his choices.  Anger filled his every pore as he watched his trophy-wife sail away.

“Marie!” he cried finally, falling to his knees.

Other men kept chase but the river-bank became unruly.  One-by-one they fell by the wayside, unable to keep pace with the Piper’s love-vessel.

When they weren’t busily fingering their pussies the ladies took turns to steer and the orgy continued unabated.

The sun dried the silk of the Piper’s outfit, but it now seemed unnecessary.  His ladies helped him out of it, rubbing their soft hands all over his muscled body as the undressed him.  Marie stayed fast at his feet, moving her plump lips over his cock until it glistened in the sunlight.

“To your feet,” the Piper said, affixing his eyes on the lady he found more beautiful than the rest.  He removed the instrument from his lips and looked around him.

In front of him two women sixty-nined on the deck, burying their giggling faces between each other’s thighs and delighting each other while their champion remained busy.

The women tore each other’s clothes off as Marie rose, surrendering herself to the Piper who had now stopped playing his flute entirely.

“Be mine,” she whispered.


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