The Night of Daddy’s Life : Anal Swap Incest 2

by Kimmy Welsh

After taking his daughter Lorna to college in a freak lightning storm, Brendan realizes that he’s inhabiting her body for the night when he comes-to amidst a raucous party.

He finds the sudden attention intoxicating and soon decides to explore his new-found gender, culminating in a wild anal-session that leaves Lorna mystified.


A sudden knock at the door startled him.

“Lorna?  Are you okay?” Chelsea said.  “Can you let me—I’m not fucking cutting in line!—can you let me in, please?”

Brendan was beside himself.  He didn’t know what way was up.  He was feeling so many new things all at once that it was almost overwhelming.  He had breasts for God’s sake; breasts and a … vagina.  Brendan’s eyes spread wide.  He looked to his tiny jean-shorts.

His hand moved down slowly over his tank-top, teasing a little ways down inside the waist of his jeans to make sure.

“I’ve got a pussy,” he whispered, fingering the shaven hair above it.

“Lorna?” came Chelsea’s voice again, knocking hard on the door.  “I know you’re in there.”

Brendan turned to the door and slowly unlocked it.  The second the lock clicked the door burst open and Chelsea fell through it.

She spun around quickly and locked the two of them inside.


“Are you okay?” she said.  “You’re being really weird.”

Brendan watched in awe as Chelsea moved to the toilet and downed her jeans and panties in one.  She started peeing, looking right at Brendan as she did so.

“What?” she shrugged.  “Because I cut in line?  I was worried about you!”

Brendan couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Take a picture,” Chelsea said.  “It’ll last longer.”  She grabbed some sheets of paper and wiped as Brendan continued to stare.

“If you want to see my pussy so bad you just have to ask,” Chelsea said, standing up.

She pulled up her hot-pants and left Brendan with nothing to look at it.  He looked to Chelsea’s face now and bit his lip.

“Why would you want me when Brad is out there,” she said.  “He’s into you, you know?”

“He is?” Brendan said.  He felt kind of flattered, but then remembered that he was in his daughter’s body.

“Yeah,” Chelsea said.  She rinsed her hands.  “To be honest half the football team is into you, but Brad’s clearly the hottest.  He seems like a nice guy too.”

“He does,” Brendan agreed, remembering him from the stairway.

“You just know that he’d go down on you too.  Nice guys do that.”

Brendan tried to imagine it.  A guy between his legs, eating his pussy.  He started to get excited.

“Probably wouldn’t eat your ass though,” Chelsea said matter-of-factly.

Brendan was feeling suddenly mischievous.  “Would he fuck it?”

“Lorna!” Chelsea said, smacking Brendan’s arm and scoffing.  “What’s gotten into you?”

If only she knew.

“You’ve done that before?” Chelsea asked.

Brendan thought back.  He’d certainly given it before, but he’d never received it.  He’d never had anything inside him before, as much as he’d have liked to.  Inhabiting the body of a big, strong, married man meant many things were already decided for you.  One of them was that you weren’t supposed to take younger-guys’ cocks in your ass.

“Never,” Brendan guessed.  Lorna was nineteen and didn’t seem the type.

“You’d like it,” Chelsea said.  “I like it anyway.”

“What’s it like?”

“You’ll find out tonight,” Chelsea teased.


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