The Naughty Tale of Rapunzel & Prince Herald

by Margot Devine

Prince Herald is out gallivanting alone one day when he hears the sweet sound of a nearby song.  He follows the noise to the window of a tall tower, spying on the beautiful Rapunzel who serenades the outside world below.

Prince Herald discovers that the lady has long waited for the day of his arrival, hoping not for rescue but for the joyous unshackling of her chastity instead.

Her keeper, Marion, climbs the tower too, keen to ensure that the pair consummates their encounter to fulfill a prophecy foretold to her.

Read as Marion aids Rapunzel in her first-time encounter, treating both her and Prince Herald to the experience of her years in this FFM Adult Fairy-Tale Threesome!


“You taste like nectar on my tongue,” Prince Herald said.

“I care not for the delights of your words, my Prince.  You needn’t treat me like a lady.”

Prince Herald smirked, unbuckling his belt.  “Then on your knees, naughty slut, and take this royal cock in your mouth.

“That’s more like it!” Rapunzel beamed, and she did as instructed.

The Prince wrestled open his pants and Rapunzel bounced on her knees.  “The lady below has told me much of men, but I have never yet experienced their touch.”

“You are about to,” the Prince said.  “Open your mouth.”

Rapunzel parted her sweet, pink lips slowly, staring ahead as the Prince fished inside his underwear.  He pulled his hand out and in his grasp Rapunzel spotted the thing she wanted most.

“My gosh,” she whimpered.


Prince Herald held his cock firmly in his fist.  It sprouted outwards, its veins pronounced, and the bulbous, shining head guided Rapunzel to it like a beacon.

“It looks so inviting,” she said.

“And I invite you onto it,” the Prince said.

Rapunzel shuffled on her knees and her frilly dress rustled.  The Prince stared down hopefully as those beautiful lips approached his throbbing appendage.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking her soft cheek.

He felt the warmth of her mouth around him and exhaled.  It had been a horrifying few weeks of celibacy for the Prince but it paled in significance to Rapunzel’s twenty years of chastity.

Rapunzel pushed onwards and the meaty, hard flesh filled her mouth.  She hadn’t imagined it to feel so full and stiff.

She pressed on gleefully, delighted by the Prince’s breaths that started to race from his lungs in groans.

“Oh, my lady,” he hushed dreamily, staring at the stars that twinkled in the twilight beyond the window.

The Prince looked down, watching as his maiden inched her lips down his sizable girth, treating him to the back of her throat that clenched tight as she gagged.

Rapunzel spluttered and pulled back with a giggle, holding the Prince cock in her hand as she wiped the spit from her chin.

“Sorry,” she laughed.

“Do not apologize,” he said.  “I am not a fussy fellow.”

“Good,” Rapunzel beamed.

“Now stuff my cock back in your mouth, you feisty slut.”

The insult struck Rapunzel like a fierce spank.  She hissed and felt the wave of pleasure wash over her as she adopted her new moniker.

“I am your slut,” she declared.

She thrust the Prince back into her mouth and sent him to her throat again, this time stifling the deep yearning to expel the intruder.

Rapunzel’s eyes swelled with tears and she finally withdrew with a gasp, staring at the plentiful inches of her Prince and wondering just how she’d managed to take them all inside her.

“Do you promise me that you are chaste?” the Prince asked, amazed.

“I swear it,” Rapunzel said.  “I swear it on my hair.”

The Prince looked to the flowing locks that coated the hard, stone floor behind the beauty.  She would have had to have grown it her entire life for it to be that length.

“You are a damn natural, then,” the Prince declared.  “A natural slut.”

Your natural slut,” she grinned.

“Take out those big tits for me, my slut,” the Prince demanded.

Rapunzel leaned away from the Prince and stared down at the lace on her bust.  She unfastened it carefully, pulling it wide and then moving the front of her dress downwards.

“Yes,” the Prince said eagerly, watching as the milky, soft flesh of Rapunzel’s big breasts were revealed.

“You like them?” Rapunzel asked, and she reached inside and freed them entirely.

Her big tits sat up over the neck-line of her dress, looking ripe for the sucking.  Prince Herald’s eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky outside.

“They’re incredible,” he hushed.  “To know I will be the first to suck them will be a treat indeed.”

At this remark Rapunzel turned bashful.

“What is it?” the Prince asked.  “You are now so suddenly shy?  I don’t believe it!”

“You will not be the first,” Rapunzel said.

The Prince stared down quizzically.  “You swore it on your hair?”

“And it is true,” Rapunzel said.  “Never before have I felt the touch … of a man.”

“Who then, if not a man?”

Rapunzel looked down at the floor in the direction of the house that adjoined her lonely tower.  The Prince’s eyes widened.

“Your mistress?” he gasped.

Rapunzel nodded.  “This past year she has taken a keener interest in my body.  Every night she climbs my hair and treats me—or has me treat her.”


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