The Naughty Nine: Animal Breeding Bundle

by Betsi Ality, Jez Bestiality, Deborah Cockram, Krissy Cox, Amber FoxxFire, Penelope Liksit, Jade Summers

The Naughty Nine offer up nine stories of animals and humans not only mating, but producing offspring. It can’t get any naughtier than this!

Authors featured: Jade Summers, Betsi Ality, Deborah Cockram, Jez Bestiality, Farleven, Prurient Smiles, Krissy Cox, Amber Foxxfire, & Penelope Liksit

*This bundle includes previously released material*

Milked and Bred on a Farm by Jade Summers

I ran away from home, thinking I knew better than my parents and that I could get a new start on my own. I thought I had lucked out when an older man with kind eyes picked me up and offered me a room and food for some simple farm work. Little did I know what that work would actually entail. It isn’t until I’m tied to a table that I realize what is happening. I’m their slave now. My work on this farm is a milk machine to feed the animals and as a baby machine for the bulls and stallions. My body is being used against my will and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave.

Bred by the Mutt: Fantastic Beasts 24 by Betsi Ality

I never thought my broodiness would cross breeds, but when I have the yearning to get filled I quickly discover that it doesn’t matter who by … human or not! The first chance alone I get with someone just happens to be my brother’s Alsatian, Trooper. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself! I can’t pass up the opportunity. Give me that hot doggy cum, Trooper.

Bitch Fucking 6: Daddy, Why Is My Dog Pregnant? By Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old sweetie-pie Alexa and her mother came home from a week-long vacation. The first thing she noticed was that her Lab, Jasmine, had huge, milky tits and a pregnant belly the size of a watermelon.
"Daddy, why is my dog pregnant? We were only gone a week!"
Oops! I was in deep shit now.

Making Cubs in the Moonlight by Farleven

Maddie wasn't sure she should share her secret desires once she learned her boyfriend had become a werewolf, but once giving in to her own animal passions she might need to worry about what comes later.

Knotted in Public by Jez Bestiality

I donít know what came over me, but when I met a very large, strange pitbull on my walk with my small dog I was immediately overcome with lust for him. I had to have him. I needed to let him dominate me in all the ways a dog could dominate his bitch. And thatís exactly what I was. His bitch.
Rutting in public as people looked on was not something I ever thought Iíd be doing.

Puppy Love by Prurient Smiles

For a fee we'll impregnate a dog with your semen and raise her as a human―but with the instincts and legal status of a dog. A perfect-10 model to look at and with table manners to match, your eighteen-year-old daughter will be genetically engineered to give you the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Brace for an arousing but disturbing journey into inter-species eroticism.

Raped and Bred by a Dog Then One Year Later Gang Raped by the Litter I Gave Birth To

By Penelope Liksit

Being forcefully taken and bred by a Rottweiler was not enough. It happened again a year later, this time by the whole litter that I had given birth to!

Bred by a Gorilla by Krissy Cox

Raped and Seeded by the Werewolf by Deborah Cockram


Sexy Excerpt

From Milked and Bred on a Farm:

“Where am I?” I asked. My forehead was resting on something soft, and I was staring straight down at the ground below me. I was too tired and weak to try to move my head up and see what was going on in the barn. I knew that’s where I still was because of the hay on the ground, but that’s all I could see.

“You are in our state-of-the-art milking and breeding station. You should consider it a privilege to have yourself hooked up to one of these here machines.”

“Milking and breeding?” I asked, still in a total daze. “I don’t understand.”


“You will real soon,” the man said as he moved around the table. I heard the sound of something being dragged across the ground, then the sensation of a suction cup being attached to each of my nipples. It was very intense and painful at first, and I shivered at cold metal against my skin. But after a few minutes the metal warmed up and the pain went away, and, strangely, the sucking sensation started to feel good.

“These here suction cups are attached to some hoses. They’re gonna be milking those big, beautiful tits of yours all day and all night.”

From Bitch Fucking 6: Daddy, Why Is My Dog Pregnant?:

So, that night, I climbed in our marriage bed as usual and got to having a good fantasy when I notice the door open and Jasmine jump up on the bed. I tried to shoo her off, but she had one thing and one thing only on her mind.

My cock. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was horny. In my hormone-addled mind, I actually welcomed the help. Jasmine began licking my shaft, her warm tongue stroking gently - yet insistently - over my horny cock.

I ignored my wife's shocked gasp and continued my tale.

After a bit of cock and ball licking I was feeling a bit...adventurous. Obviously I'd heard about dog sex, but had never looked into it before. I felt down Jasmine's belly and stuck my finger in her swollen cunt.

Yeah, it was big enough. But did I dare? Was I so horny that I'd actually plunge my cock deep inside my daughter's dog? I stroked around her pussy with my fingers and wondered what she tasted like down there. I didn't have to wonder what she smelled like, I could smell that from a mile away.

Stretching her out on the bed, I gingerly spread her legs wide open and began licking her husky, musky flavor. I wrinkled my nose as the taste was strong. But I powered through it. I mean, if she were a woman, I'd want to give her a good time, too. So, what not?

From Bred by the Mutt : Fantastic Beasts 24:

Trooper lay back and stretched out, rolling onto his back and splitting his leg wide open so I could get at his stomach.  I was sure it was entirely innocent, but as he opened his legs and showed off that huge doggy cock, I couldn’t help but feel flustered.

“My, oh, my,” I gasped, trying to calm myself with slow breaths.

I peered at it out of the corner of my eye, looking sidelong at it as though I was trying not to get caught.

Soon my head turned and I focused harder, tickling at the soft skin that sat either side of that impressive dog-cock of his.

“It’s so big,” I gasped, zoning out.

My hands massaged his stomach and Trooper started to enjoy himself even more.  I watched as his thick cock stiffened up, as though it was calling me onto it.

Gradually it grew and the lipstick-red tip started to sprout of his foreskin.  By now I was practically drooling as I watched him, feeling my heart bang against my ribcage as it pumped the arousal around my body.

“Trooper we can’t,” I said, talking to myself more than him.  “It wouldn’t right.”

The words were leaving my mouth, but I didn’t mean them.  My body was priming itself for cock, just like it had all those times before, only now were alone and there was no-one to stop us.

“No-one will know, Trooper, you’re right.”


About the Authors

Betsi Ality

Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

Jez Bestiality

If you're looking for super-hot, ultra-shocking dog sex full of kissing, knotting and lots of dog cum, you've cum to the right place. Jez Bestiality knows what you like.

Deborah Cockram

I'm Deborah Cockram, and I write all sorts of deep, dark and dirty erotica. Sometimes it's incest, sometimes bestially, occasionally with somewhat "dubious" consent, and other times it's just plain old hard and rough one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-on-one) sex.

Whatever form the sex takes, my stories almost always involve a wicked dose of bondage, sensual pain, and of course, the most depraved, carnal pleasure, all rolled up a single tale.

You know, the kind that all good girls (and bad boys) enjoy…

Because of content restrictions at many retailers, you'll only find my stories at Barnes and Noble, Excitica, some at Smashwords, and of course at

Krissy Cox

Hi guys,

Thanks for checking out my page. I've been writing erotica for a few years now, mostly for fun, but I'm devoting more time towards increasing my catalog with more kinky stories. So make sure to check out this page often, because I'm constantly updating it with new smut! You can always join my personal newsletter and stay up-to-date on new releases and get special discounts.

Amber FoxxFire

Thank you for checking out my stories! Please find them on Smashwords!


Penelope Liksit

The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

Jade Summers

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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