The Moment I Turned 18, I Became Daddy’s Sex Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

Daddy said he had a special gift for my 18th birthday. What could it be? He already gave me a bunch of money. Was it a car? Mmm…a nice Ferrari would look lovely at the mall. Maybe a new wardrobe. Or perhaps a vacation to Tahiti with all my friends!

But what he gave me was something I could have never expected in my wildest dreams.


Coming home, I was totally tired, but excited. I had just turned eighteen on Friday and had been partying for two whole days.

My best friends took me out on the town, I got some new clothes, and I ate at some fancy restaurants, and even was able to go to a club for the first time ever.

It had been a whirlwind of a weekend and I was ready to wind down some and relax.

Daddy had given me my first birthday present before I left, a nice big deposit in my bank account so i could live it up and not have to worry about expenses.

He said the second gift would be ready when I got home, and despite wanting to lay down and channel surf, I was excited to see the surprise he had in store.

"Daddy?" I called, looking for him as I went upstairs.

"I'm over here, pumpkin." He said. He was standing in front of his bedroom door, his back against the door and a big smile plastered across his face.


I just knew he had my surprise ready. There was no way he didn't, with how he was acting. I could see him smiling, the secretiveness, the way his body looked like it was about to burst if he couldn't tell me soon.

"You have my surprise all ready?" I asked, a giggle escaped my lips as I came closer, having no idea what was in store for me.

He looked at me and took my hand, his fingers casually brushing the back of my hand.

"I told you awhile back that when you turned eighteen, you'd have some more responsibilities around the house. With more responsibility, I was going to raise your allowance." He said, reminding me of an earlier conversation I had with him.

"Well, you're a big girl now and I'll be making sure you get taken care of and I hope you're ready to live up to that." He said.

I nodded excitedly, "Of course Daddy, you can always count on me, I'm you're big girl and I'll always help you." I said, eager to show him I could pull my weight and earn that extra allowance was was giving me. I wondered how much it was.

"Good, now close your eyes and don't open them, I don't want you spoiling this." He said.

"Ok daddy, no peeking." I said, hoping we could get to the surprise quicker.


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