The Love Tent : Anal Swap Incest 6

by Kimmy Welsh

An attempt to bond with his nineteen-year-old daughter Alice at a music-festival goes awry when Bill goes on an herbal journey!  He’s taken to The Love Tent by a guy in a leather vest and it’s there that Bill realizes he’s completely transformed … into his daughter!

Surrendering to surreality Bill follows his mysterious new friend into one of the tent’s compartments and it’s there that he fulfills a deep-held fantasy to get filled in his ass.


The two walked closer to the bed, staggering as they continued to kiss.  Bill giggled, enjoying his new feminine laugh.  He brought Franklin back into the room far enough to catch a glimpse in the first mirror.

Bill watched his reflection again.  He watched as Franklin’s pretty mouth danced all over his daughter’s face, lavishing it with kisses.

Bill smiled warmly and watched Alice’s reflection smile back.  It seemed to encourage him onwards.  Bill watched Franklin take a grip of his ass.

He closed his eyes and ran his slender fingers along Franklin’s pecs.  Beneath his leather jacket Franklin had sculpted an impressive set of muscles and Bill delighted in exploring them.

He could feel his pussy becoming damp as the two continued to embrace.  Bill had never known a sensation quite like it.  It was like suddenly realizing that your mouth was wet.


Franklin’s hands moved up and Bill felt them on his tits.  Before now Bill’s nipples were no real source of enjoyment, but having Franklin rub them was awakening something inside him.  He could feel them become stiff beneath his tank-top and Franklin could feel it too.

Franklin pulled away and looked down.  “Are they for me?”

“It’s all for you,” Bill said.

Franklin dropped to Bill’s chest and clasped his mouth over Bill’s tank-top, right on his nipple.  He threw his head back and grunted in approval.  He could hear similar grunts coming from the room beside them.

The bottom of Bill’s tank-top was lifted and soon Franklin’s curious mouth was licking all around Bill’s stiff nipple.  He found the sensation unlike anything he’d ever experienced, but he was sure that wasn’t going to be the only time he’d feel that today.

He looked again at his reflection, feeling almost like a voyeur to someone else’s fantasy.  Alice stared back, looking deep into Bill’s eyes.  He felt a yearning for more.

“Let me help you out,” Bill said, and he lifted the tank-top off himself completely.

He looked down at his perky tits, admiring them for the first time just like Franklin.  Franklin smiled and moved his mouth back to the nipples, treating each one in turn until they were both darting out from their breasts.

“Let’s take this off too,” Bill said.

He eased Franklin’s leather jacket back off his shoulders and it fell to the rug on the floor.  Bill’s hands were quickly at the waist of Franklin’s pants.  He fidgeted with the belt, opening it and listening to the clanking sound of metal.  It was almost foreboding.  Bill knew that it meant he’d be seeing much more soon enough.

“What have you got down there for me?” Bill asked.

There was nothing to be coy about now.  Franklin thought for all the world that Bill was Alice.  It gave Bill the unique opportunity to explore what it might be like to actually be Alice, and he wasn’t going to squander it.  With his inhibitions lifted he committed to the act.

“Something big and hard,” Franklin teased.

“Feel like sharing it?”

“I do.”

Franklin opened his pants confidently.  When Bill spied the huge bulge in Franklin’s tight boxer-shorts he could see why he’d been so brazen.

“There’s more than enough to share,” Bill said, brimming with excitement.

“Want to pull it out for me?”

Bill stared ahead, his eyes sparkling.  “I’d be honored.”

Franklin put his hands to his side and Bill dropped to his knees.  He yanked at Franklin’s pants until the waist of them was just above his knees.  He could see the huge, embossed outline of the sinful cock beneath.

Bill sucked a breath through his clenched teeth and looked up.  Franklin stared down into the eyes of his younger lover.

“I want it in my mouth,” Bill said.  He could hear Alice utter those same naughty words.


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