The Horniest Mermaid

by Margot Devine

Aria and her sea-people stayed separate from the realm of men, but when she catches a chance look at Prince Fabio celebrating his birthday on his galleon, she can’t help but fall for him.

A tempestuous storm sees the Prince cast overboard and Aria rescues him from a certain fate.  She uses her limited time on land to claim the real prize, taking the Prince as her first and doing everything she can with him in the time she has.


Aria giggled and sat up on her knees.  Gently she put her hand to the hairy chest of Fabio.  He looked to it as Aria closed her eyes.

“I can feel your heartbeat.  It’s not as quick as mine,” she giggled.

“Are you all aflutter?”

“I have never been so close to a man before.”

“And I have never been so close to a mermaid.”

“Am I everything you hoped?”

“And more,” Fabio said, looking again to her perky breasts.

“I wondered, Prince, if I might see it again.”


“Your … thing.

“You’re not as shy as you appear, my lady,” the Prince grinned.

“I’m curious,” Aria said.  “A lady can be curious, can’t she?”

“Of course he can.  Just as a man can be.”

Aria’s hands moved to the Prince’s pants.  “May I?”

He startled.  “Is this how mermaids greet people?”

“Only Princes.”


“Before that,” the Prince said.  “Where are we?”

“Our people call it Bastion Island.  It’s quite safe.”

“And my men?”

“I sent a friend of mine to call for help.  My people will aid them”

The Prince hummed curiously.  “And now to you,” he said.  “What brings you this far out to sea?”

“I … I’m ashamed to say I heard word of a party out at sea.  I was desperate to catch a glimpse of it.  When I found out there was royalty aboard I—I just couldn’t look away.”

“Have I impressed?” Fabio said, presenting himself.

“More than impressed,” Aria said.  “You make a woman feel … tingly.”

Fabio stared deep into his lady’s eyes.  Her pupils widened and so did his.  He could feel his heart start to race.

“Back to this business of seeing my cock,” the Prince began.

“Yes?” Aria replied hastily.

“What then?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“After you’ve seen it.  What then?”

Aria played coy.  “That’s up to you.”

“Is it now …?”

Aria bit her bottom lip.

“Take it out for me,” the Prince said, and he could already sense a stirring in his damp loins.


He nodded.

“I’ve never undressed a man before.”

“Consider this a lesson,” the Prince said.  “Just unfasten this belt here and the rest should come easy.”

He leaned away and watched as Aria’s elegant hands fingered at the buckled of his belt.

“It’s hard,” she said.

The Prince smirked.  “You can see that already?”

Aria was confused.

“Here, I’ll help,” the Prince said, and he opened the metal buckle with quick ease.

Aria pulled at the fastenings of his velvet pants and they loosened on his waist.

“Good,” he encouraged.

She tugged and yanked it open, giggling as she did so.  The giggles soon stopped when she uncovered her prize.

There was silence as Aria stared.  All that could be heard were the waves lapping against the shore and the light wind in the nearby trees.

“It’s hard,” she said, looking up to Prince Fabio.

“That happens when I see a beautiful lady.”

Aria placed a hand on her chest.  “It’s hard because of me?”

The Prince nodded and Aria looked down again at the stiff packet that reached up out of his pants.  It was wet from the surf, but unblemished.  A thick vein ran up the shaft, splintering off like lightning and breathing life into the thick rod.

“Tell me,” the Prince said.  “How long do you have on land?”

Aria thought for a moment.  “The most I have ever managed is thirty minutes.”

“Interesting.  We can do a lot in thirty minutes.”


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