The Changing Room : Mom Swap 6

by Tori Westwood

Dylan hadn’t expected a mid-week game of squash with his Mom to be life-altering, but when he’s told the changing rooms hold the key to all of his desires he’s naturally suspicious.

He enters the men’s to discover that he’s suddenly a woman, but not just any woman—his own Mom!

Read as Dylan explores his Mom’s body with the help of the other men in the changing-room.  It’s an experience he’ll never forget—and neither will you!


Dylan watched the guy undress and walk off in the direction of the showers.  Steam billowed out and Dylan could hear laughing.  No-doubt the two of them were wondering what the hell was going on.  Dylan certainly was.

“I’m Mom,” he hushed to himself.

He stood up and walked to the mirror.  He put his face close and peered into his mother’s eyes.  He pouted and posed, still not quite used to his new body.

“And I guess these are mine too,” he said, and he took a grip of his breasts and bounced them.

Boy, was that fun.  Dylan hadn’t had much luck with the ladies up to that point in his life and now it was looking for all the world like his first sexual encounter wasn’t going to be with a lady at all, but as a lady.


He took a look back at the changing-room door.  The gym was usually quiet, but never this quiet.  He wondered if he should take the risk.  It seemed like a cross-roads.  He could leave and venture outside or go deeper into the magical changing-rooms and fully commit to his new body.

“Here goes nothing,” Dylan said.

He took a deep breath and lifted his top up over his head.  His eyes spread wide.  He was suddenly staring at his Mom’s huge, perfect tits.  Above them sat her shocked expression—Dylan’s expression.

He moved his hands to his breasts and touched them gently.  He felt the nipples start to rise against his palm.

Dylan pursed his lips and then rolled his tight shorts down over his ass.  He turned and looked over his shoulder, watching his Mom’s big butt become uncovered.

“Fuck,” was all he could say.

He wriggled the garment down to his ankles and stepped out of it.  He didn’t know if he was also wearing his Mom’s exact attire.  He couldn’t be sure whether he’d manifested her sexy thong or whether his Mom had been wearing that the whole time.  One thing was for sure: it looked fucking hot.

Dylan looked again to the showers and then at his reflection.  He imagined he could have quite a lot of fun on his own, but the notion of having two guy’s hands all over him was tough to turn down.  Even though they were guys Dylan found the attention intoxicating.

Without much thought he slipped the panties down and stared at the kempt line of hair that his mother had sculpted above her pussy.  He’d had sinful thoughts about her for years but he never imagined acting on them.  Now the choice was entirely up to him and Dylan wasn’t about to waste it.

He squeezed again at his breasts and let out a grunt of angst.  He was desperately turned-on—so much so that he could feel the wetness between his legs. He’d never known anything like it.  The warmth felt strangely comforting.  He moved a finger down to tease at his flesh and shivered.  He was touching his mother’s pussy.  Finally.

“Are you joining us, Julia?”

Dylan startled and looked to the voice.  Jesse’s head was peering out from behind the wall.  He was looking up and down at Dylan’s naked, womanly figure.

“Fuck, Julia,” Jesse said.  “You look good.”

Dylan swallowed down his nerves.  “You boys ready for me?”

“What do you think?” Jesse said, and he stepped out from behind the wall to reveal his erect cock.  It jutted out proudly from his hips.

Dylan stared like he’d been hypnotized.  In the past erect cocks had just been filler in porn-movies but now they could actually serve a purpose.  Suddenly Dylan was wondering how one might feel inside him.


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