The Brat Trials

by Sara Kitty

Book Cover: The Brat Trials

Shy and Inexperienced BRAT Beth needs money for the Fall. The MAN OF THE HOUSE is a doctor and scientist who is running a trial for a new brain supplement. The supplement trial pays $1000 a month, so there's no way Beth can pass up being a part of it!  When Beth arrives at the lab -- the fun begins as she is transformed from a geeky and reserved Brat to a BIMBO with only one thing on her mind!

About the Author

Hey Everyone!

I'm Sara Kitty, and I have lots of really naughty thoughts that I like to share through my writing. I'm 23 years old and a resident of Chicago (though I come from the South, y'all). So many people told me to write erotica after I started telling them my stories, so I thought about it for a bit and decided to go for it!

I'm a very bad kitty who likes to scratch and get her claws dirty.

Thanks for reading!

Sara Kitty

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