The Bodyswap Hotel : Bodyswaps 2

by Fearne Forrester

Blake sacrifices his college fund for a room at the Bodyswap Hotel and hits the jackpot when he's transformed into wealthy, mature, English socialite, Catherine Clarkson. He sets about exploring her body immediately, inviting the bellhop to his room to join the fun in a male-to-female body swap fantasy that sees him filled and satisfied!


“What would you like me to look at, Ms.,” Andy asked.

“This,” Blake said, and he unfastened the gown and let it fall to the floor.

Andy’s eyes spread wide.  He’d seen a lot in his time, but Ms. Clarkson was a woman that he’d lusted after for years.  He never thought he’d get this opportunity.

“You … you’re … naked, Ms. Clarkson,” he said finally, adjusting himself.  His erection was almost instantaneous.

“I am,” Blake said, running his hands over his body.  “What are you going to do about it?”

Andy cleared his throat.  “I’m afraid I can’t do anything Ms., unless I am requested to.  It’s against company—”

“Come and suck my tits,” Blake interrupted.

Andy stood there starstruck for a moment before bursting forward with enthusiasm.  He opened his mouth over the nipple and Blake felt a new kind of joy, and one that he couldn’t give himself.


Andy swirled his tongue over his mistress and Blake felt the pleasure of the act.  In his normal body the licking of his nipples would yield no results, but now he became aroused almost immediately.  The movement of Andy’s tongue seemed to feed Blake’s new pussy with moisture.

“Good boy,” Blake urged, turning the pair of them on with his clean, posh accent.

Blake reached down to touch Andy’s hard cock.  He surprised himself with how quickly he overcame the curiousness of it all.  Blake wasn’t gay, but he nevertheless wanted to please Andy and himself.  When he found Andy as aroused as he was, Blake was smitten.  His confidence rose.

“Pull out that big cock and spoil me with it,” he demanded.

Andy unfastened his belt buckle and wasted no time in giving the customer what they wanted.  He was experienced in this area too.

Blake watched closely as Andy revealed himself.  He was around Blake’s age, but he had a confidence and a penis size that Blake was slightly envious of.  Blake demanded further punishment, yearning now for Andy’s hard cock to go inside him and teach him the lesson he’d been craving.

Blake dropped to his knees quickly, keen to squeeze the most from the encounter.  He’d never sucked a cock before, but he told himself that it wasn’t him doing and it seemed to make the act easier.

“Look at that,” Blake swooned, hearing Ms. Clarkson’s voice return.

He pushed his lips over the smooth crown and listened to Andy groan above him.  Andy’s fingers pushed through Blake’s luscious locks and tickled his scalp.

Blake felt the tingle go all the way down his spine.  He pushed his fingers to his pussy as he sucked on Andy, feeling the arousal at every side of his mouth.

He drove the erection deep into his mouth and pinched his lips off it, looking up at Andy who stared down shaking his head.

“I don’t know who you are, but I don’t care,” Andy said.

Blake closed his eyes contently and drove Andy deeper, treating him to Ms. Clarkson’s mouth.  It was as though he was giving Andy the pleasure that Blake wished he could receive himself.


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