The Black Man’s Hucow

by Bessie Hucow

Chuck was having a really bad day. First a speeding ticket on the way to work, then his boss called him in and let him go and then he nearly got into an accident on the way home in the rain. However, everything changed when a nineteen-year-old hucow showed up at his door desperate to get away from her ex. She was fertile, leaking and very hot. Chuck’s day just got much brighter!

Will he take her hard and without protection? Look inside for a small taste!


I'd been having a very bad day. First, I had gotten a speeding ticket on the way to work. Then, my boss called me into a meeting and told me that he was going to have to let me go. And last, but not least, it was pouring rain and I nearly got into an accident on the way home. However, as I answered my door and saw a very beautiful nineteen-year-old girl standing before me, nearly naked and soaked through to the bone, I had a feeling that my luck was about to change.

"Sir! Please, you've got to help me, sir!" She wiggled around, her hands folded across her very large chest as she tried to fight off the biting chill and rain.

"Ain't nobody call me sir," I smiled and licked my lips. "You can call me Chuck."

"Chuck, please!" she bent and crossed her knees.

"What seems to be the problem?" I asked as I ravished her stunning body.

"My car's dead, it's raining, I'm soaked and I've really got to go pee!" She looked up at me, her eyes pleading with me.


"You sayin' you want to come in, take a tinkle and get yoself dry?" I asked. Like I said, I couldn't believe my luck.

She nodded. "Please! I'll do anything! Just let me in. I won't be able to call the garage 'till tomorrow and I have no where to go."

My smile widened as I stepped aside and pointed. "Sure, the bathroom's down the hall to your right. Just leave your clothes in the tub and I'll dry them up."

"Thank you!" She hugged me and raced off to the bathroom. I closed the door and thanked my God for what I was about to receive.

I don't know how long she was in there, but I brewed us up some hot chocolate and dished us some ice-cream. I hope she likes Neapolitan. After a bit, she emerged with a tiny towel wrapped around her chest. It covered nearly nothing but if she wanted to think that it would keep her safe from the big black man, that was her right to do so.

"Hot chocolate and ice cream?" I offered, handing her the bowl and mug. I hadn't had a female visitor to my crib - is that what the cool kids are calling it nowadays - in years. Not since before my mom passed anyway.

"Thank you, Chuck - was that your name? I can't recall?" She sat down on my humble sofa and looked up at me hopefully. She was a very pretty girl. Maybe five-six or seven. Blonde hair, green eyes, nice smile. She had very long, thick legs. When I say thick, I mean volleyball player thick, not 'I ate too many chocolate bars' thick. They were a powerhouse. But there was something she was hiding - a secret or maybe something else, but I could see it in her face.

"Yes, Chuck is right. What did you say your name was again?" I inquired. Of course, she hadn't spoken her name, but that was just a formality.

"Oh, it's Jacqueline. But my friends call me Jackie."


About the Author

Bessie Hucow is a cow. She likes doing cow things such as mooing and eating grass. She also likes to write very dirty stories. How does a cow write dirty stories? Simple, she nicked a computer and brought it into her barn where she writes under lamplight in the middle of the night when all her humans think she's asleep.

Why? To bring you the very best stories that a cow can write.

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