That’s Daddy’s Cum Inside Me! : Daddy’s Creampies 19

by Tori Westwood

I’m a naughty little slut and I need to be punished.  I’m naughty because all I can think about is fucking my own Daddy, but I know that’s totally forbidden.  I think that’s what makes me want him more.

He needs a certain amount of cajoling in order to release his hard cock to me, but I know just what buttons to press.  I’m desperate for his cum inside me and with his hard cock wrapped in my tight pussy he can’t really refuse.  Give me all of it, Daddy!


“Is that all?” I asked, looking over at him and fearful that my fantasy was ending too soon.

“What more do you want?” he asked, looking at me confused.

I looked down him again and noticed that the bulge in his pants had grown quite considerably since I last laid eyes on it.

“I was thinking I could apologize,” I began, thinking on my feet.

“Oh yeah?” he asked, wanting more from me.

“Yes,” I said, looking ot his cock.  “I want to apologize.”

“Whenever you’re ready,” he said, and it wasn’t until I got to my knees in front of him that he realized exactly what the apology consisted of.

“Can I show you how very, very sorry I am, Daddy?” I asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“I’d love an apology,” he said, playing along with me.


His legs opened for me to kneel between them and I slid my hands up his thigs and over the denim.  I pushed upwards and watched the anticipation on his face as I approached the top of his pants.

My fingers brushed over the thick slab beneath before fidgeting with his belt buckle in an effort to get at my prize.

“I hope my apology is good enough,” I said, blinking all doe-eyed-like.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” he said, sliding down the sofa to get comfortable.

I pulled the belt through the loops of his pants and yanked open his fly until I could see the raised outline of his thickness beneath his tight, white boxer-shorts.

“That’s where you say sorry,” he said, nodding downwards.

I bit my lip and smiled, looking back to the forbidden flesh that lay in wait beneath the fabric.  My hands came to the waist of his boxer-shorts and I took a deep breath along with Daddy.

His stomach was tense as I started to drag down his briefs and he looked excited.  As the waist slid down I saw the fine, kempt hair that preceded the arrival of my deepest desire.  I dragged them further down and soon I could see the thick hilt of his dick.

I gasped at the sight of it.  His girth hinted at the size of him and as I pulled his boxer shorts down further I wasn’t disappointed.

More and more sinful, thick inches of flesh were revealed until the color turned a shade of pink and the bulbous crown slipped from the grasp of his underwear.

He flopped out, closer to stiff than flaccid.  I was speechless as I stared at it.  It seemed other worldly.  I never thought I’d ever have my fantasy fulfilled like this, but to be staring at Daddy’s twitching cock as it sat only inches from my face was something I never thought I’d experience.

“I’ve got a lot of a apologizing to do!” I gasped.  I don’t think I’d closed my mouth since I caught sight of the thing.

“Then you’d better start,” Daddy said, with a sternness in his voice that prompted me to act.


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