Taking My Son’s Cum : Real Mothers 3

Mommy Son Taboo Incest Family Erotica

by Tori Westwood

Donnie comes back from football practice all sweaty and out of breath and I'm struggling to keep it together. When he jumps in the shower I can't help but take a look and before long I'm getting in there with him to help him soap down. Pretty soon we're doing things a mother and son really shouldn't as he gives me a hard, bareback fucking and shoots a load in my mature pussy.


I washed the soap off his cock and began to jerk it in my fist now, taking a step closer and rubbing the glistening tip of it against my damp cunt.

"There's a good boy," I said, sucking air through my teeth as I looked down, watching him play with my tits.

His eyes were closed now as the water washed over us both, unable to cleanse the taboo from us completely.

"I want you," I said now and Donnie's eyes flashed open.

He stared in to mine and could tell in an instant that I was deadly serious.  He looked to his cock as it sat nestled under my pussy, rapidly nudging my clit as I jerked it in my downturned hand.

"I want it too," he breathed, resigning himself to how good all of this felt.

I let him go and turned my back to him, putting my hands up the wall of the cubicle and curving my back.


"Fuck me," I said sternly, watching his eyes spread wide as the curse word struck his ear.  I don't think I'd ever cursed in front of him before and coupled with the setting he was in it clearly came as quite a shock to him.

"Oh, God, I want to," he replied, seemingly needing one last little jolt to propel him towards sin.

"Then do it," I said, trying not to beg.  "You won't regret it."

He looked down at his swollen cock and took it up in a hand, looking to my face as he took a step forward.

"Give it me," I urged over my shoulder, feeling his finger cruise up my pussy to prime me for the main event.

He pushed close, the smooth head of his cock stretching me open as it breached my wet lips, and soon it was sliding deep inside me, my hungry pussy claiming each inch like it were its own.

"That's right," I cried, the sensation of having finally having his cock almost too much to bear.

He drove it all the way in until his hips touched my ass and then I felt his hand come around to squeeze my hanging tits as he made his first withdrawal.


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