Taking My Son’s Offer : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

My son Devin drives a hard bargain, but you don’t accumulate the wealth he has at age twenty by playing fair.  The offer I put in on a house he’s selling isn’t quite enough, but he tells me there’s a way of sweetening the deal.  Read as I do something unspeakable, taking his c-shot inside me like no mother ever should!


I let out a playful shriek and looked down over my tits at him as he reached under my skirt.  Devin wasted no time, which was just as well.  If I’d have taken a moment to consider what we were doing, then we might never have done it at all.  Maybe that would have been for the best …

He took my panties under me and dragged them down over my smooth legs.  He didn’t even take my shoes off.  Instead, he worked my black, dainty, little panties off over the heel and tossed them to the hard, tiled floor.

“You’re not wasting any time,” I told him.

“I’ve got a meeting in half an hour.”

“Half an hour?”

“I can be late,” Devin said, and he pushed my knees aside.


God, I felt like such a slut.  I’d never bared myself to anyone like this before.  Usually, the lights were off, and we’d be fumbling in the darkness under a duvet.  Now though it was broad daylight, and I could see vividly the face of my son who was about to do something unspeakable.

Devin didn’t even flinch.  He was lifting my dress and burying his face right under there as though he’d been starved of pussy.  I opened my legs tentatively and then felt Devin push them wider.  He moved my skirt back frantically and exposed me.

I saw the little tuft of hair that I’d styled above my pussy, and I looked between it and Devin’s face, studying him for signs of approval.  It seemed to meet his expectations.  He shook his head in disbelief as he looked at it, sliding his fingers slowly down over my flesh.

My eyes closed as I felt him touch me.  I let out a soft sigh and then a larger moan as I felt his mouth envelop me.  The warmth of him closed around me and he flexed his tongue against my sodden groove.

“Devin,” I ached, writhing on the marble countertop.  It felt cool against my bare ass, which was in stark contrast to the warmth I could feel from Devin’s adventurous mouth.

He pushed his face into my crotch, and I went straight to heaven.  Having him smother me like that was something, but the cherry on top was looking down and seeing the face of my own son, all serene as he fed on me.

I held his head and pushed my fingers through his hair, encouraging him to continue.  It looked as though he was enjoying it more than anything he had that day and I guessed there was something in the forbidden nature of it all that Devin relished too.

“Eat my pussy, honey,” I groaned.

Devin’s eyes opened and he looked up at me.  Fuck, it was hot to watch him like that.  He pulled his mouth off me and flexed his tongue along me, staring into my eyes as he did so.

“Devin,” I whimpered.

He pulled at my pussy and then clasped his mouth over it again, moving his tongue out of sight.  He sucked at my clit and teased over the pearl as it rose to the surface, all stiff and tingling.

“Yes!” I gushed, holding him on me.  “There!”


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