Taking My Sister In The Woods

by Amber FoxxFire

I’ve always loved the great outdoors. Being out in the wild, with the wind in your face and lungful of fresh air, never failed to balance me out from the stresses of life in the city.

That longing for peace and solitude is why I’d rarely miss a weekend walk out in the woods, especially if my sister tagged along for company — which she often did.

Mandy and I were super-close as sister and brother. We weren’t just friends like most siblings were. We were more like the very best of friends; friends who you'd drop anything for in order to simply spend time with.

We could tell each other anything, no matter how embarrassing or awkward the subject might be.

In fact, we were so comfortable sharing shit with each other that she once told me about the time she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend just as soon as she turned nineteen.

That revelation didn't stir something in me right away, but when she did eventually come of age, and I teased her with questions about her finally losing her virginity — a subject she seemed to skirt around and never truly answer — something started to slowly change within me.

Cute, petite, and blonde, Mandy was a pretty girl to look at. She was pretty in that wholesome, sweet kind of way — almost too pretty to ever think about fucking.

But as soon as she turned nineteen, and with me quickly getting bored of sex with my then girlfriend, I started to harbor some dark and twisted desires for my younger sister.

Ever since my perverted feelings started to grow for Mandy, our walks out in the woods became longer and longer.

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