Taking My Granddaughter’s Virginity

by Amber FoxxFire

I have always treated Lucy, my granddaughter, like I would treat a dear friend.

Although there was a pretty big age gap between us — with me knocking on the door of seventy, and Lucy having only just turned eighteen — we clicked on an intellectual level.

She was super smart and we could talk about anything. Unlike her friends from college Lucy had an old head on young shoulders, and she knew how to make me double over with laughter.

She was also the cutest piece of ass I’d ever seen…

Short, tanned, and far prettier than a girl ever should be, her sparkling green eyes would always light up with playfulness whenever I’d complement her on how nice she looked.

She had wonderful long dark hair which fell past her shoulders, and she often wore these snug little shorts which rode right up between her curvy thighs — fitting nicely against the mound of her tempting pussy.

However, as hot and sexy as my granddaughter always looked I knew that she was still a virgin.

I couldn't believe it when she first confessed that to me. Not that we couldn't talk about it — nothing was off limits, as we were that comfortable with each other — but I couldn't believe that some guy hadn't tried to bang her by now!

It was insane. And I was insane for wanting her.

As a widower — and a guy who, at almost seventy years-old, still had plenty in the nut bank to spend inside the sweet vessel of a young girl’s pussy — it quickly got to the stage where my shame at wanting something so out of bounds and forbidden became an obsession that I couldn't shake off.

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