Taking My 18-year-old Daughter Deep Into The Woods & Knocking Her Up

by Amber FoxxFire

I'd been seriously sexualizing my 18-year-old daughter, Patricia, ever since she'd come of age. Of course her running around in short skirts and too-tight tube tops, showing off her natural cleavage didn't help matters.

I knew it was wrong and taboo to have naughty thoughts about my very own daughter, but I simply couldn't help it. I was a man of simple pleasures and the thought of all the things I'd like to do to her filled my head like a drug.

She was always a good girl and didn't get into trouble. She was a bit shy and reserved, which only made her even more attractive to me.

I was sure she was still a virgin and the thought of popping her cherry and filling her up with my baby batter drove me wild.

One night, after a few too many drinks, I decided to take my little princess on a trip deep into the woods.

My best friend, Will, had given me a bottle of the latest sex pills - he called them Free Use - last week, promising that one pill would let me have any woman I wanted for a night.

Even my daughter, Patty? Of course I didn't ask him that. I wasn't that stupid.

I was eager as fuck to try it out. But I didn't just want to pork her in the living room with her mom cooking in the kitchen - although there was a certain romantic charm about that - no, I had to wait for the right time.

That right time came as soon as she came back from the mall. I'd popped the pill and just like I'd taken a hit of Viagra, my cock was throbbing, bulging, and begging to be unleashed.

Patty's tight body was calling out to me.

"Where are we going, Daddy?" she asked as I opened the car door.

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