Taking Length By The Pool : Mom Swap 10

by Tori Westwood

I’m a lifeguard and my Mom and her friends like to tease me regularly as I sit up high on the chair that watches over the local pool.

One day a mysterious man floats across the water towards me and beckons me to listen to him.  Everyone else appears oblivious.  Soon the man has cast a terrific spell that transforms me into my own Mom!

Now the pool is empty, apart from the guy who looks exactly like me, sat up on the high chair.  Read as I lure him down and take him inside my new body!


I breathed into him and the kiss sent shivers down my spine.  In this new body I felt as though everything was connected in some web of eroticism.  When he touched my breasts, I felt it in my pussy and when he kissed me, I felt it there too.  Each erogenous zone was inexplicably linked.

I moved closer to my old body and wrapped my arms tight around it.  As we pressed together, I felt his thick cock against my flat stomach.

“Oh, Clayton,” I whined.  “Oh, Clayton, give it to me!”

I got to my knees quickly and scrambled for it, untying his shorts and pulling at them.  He stood above me in shock, as I expect I would have too, but he didn’t stop me.

Instead, he stared in awe as I searched ravenously.  I dragged down the front of his shorts and out sprang his huge cock, bobbing there in front of me like a temptress.  Many times in the past I’d wondered what it might be like to suck my own cock, and now I was going to find out.


I had the advantage of knowing exactly how I’d like it, so I bestowed that on this version of myself.  I pumped slow and kept my mouth close, looking up at him and smirking.

He grinned back briefly, but then looked hopeful and desperate when my lips flirted close to the taut, pink crown of his hard cock.

I stroked the base and let the tip move closer to me as I did so.  It flailed in front of my face, all angry and hard.  My alternate-self looked down, hopeful that it might soon collide with his mother’s warm mouth.

I opened my lips over him and pushed down, winding around him and lashing my tongue on his cock as I covered it in my spit.

Clayton let out a whimper and tossed his head back, looking above at the sky.  I tried not to smile.  I focused on the sensation of that rushing thickness as it sprang through my lips.  It felt so strange to have such and important part of a person inside me like that.  It really flipped the dynamic.  As a man I was used to giving, but now I had to get used to taking.  And let me tell you: I liked it.

He started to move his hips, pushing his cock through my lips as though he was fucking me.  His eyes closed and he strained.  I wondered if he might come.  I could keep it at bay until necessary, but I had no idea what alternate-reality Clayton was capable of.

As a precaution I moved my lips off him, beating slowly along his cock and looking up at him for a sign of either release or composure.

He looked down and took a grip of his cock, forcing it back into my mouth quickly.  I rushed on him and his cock probed at the back of my throat.

“Keep sucking!” he ordered, and I saw a side of myself that I never thought I would.

This Clayton was much less timid than I thought I would be in this situation.  He was starting to take charge, and I had absolutely no problem with that.

I let him fuck my mouth, gagging slightly on the tip of his cock as it poked the top of my throat.  Clayton took a grip of my blonde hair and pumped into me, standing above like some kind of porn-star.

“Take this big fucking cock,” he growled.

My eyes rolled back in my skull.  I’d never been treated like this before, and I was realizing quickly that I liked it.

Clayton tugged at the shoulders of my swimsuit.  He wanted to take it off and I did too, but I’d never tackled one of these before.

“Stand up,” he said, and he pulled at my hair.

I felt the roots tug and I followed his grip upwards.  I stared forward, looking at the stern face that used to be my own.


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