Taking Advantage Of My Sleeping Mother

by Amber FoxxFire

Mom had been working long, hard hours at the hospital. As a nurse, she was expected to pretty much do everything. It was fucking exhausting. Which is why I wasn’t too surprised to see her konked out on the sofa, completely passed out.

Salivating over her 40-year-old sizzling, near naked body, I simply couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Maybe I could help her relax by knocking a baby in her womb.


I had came home early that night, barely a quarter past eight.

So as I closed the door and walked into the living room I didn't expect to see my Mom passed out on the couch fast asleep.

Surprised by this I felt a bit of shock run through my body to see her like that.

She never took naps, and she loved the comfortableness of her bed, seeing her like this wasn't normal.

As I looked at her body laid out on the couch fast asleep, I recalled just how rough work had been for her these past few days.

She was a nurse and had to take care of so many people, from feeding, to bathing, to medicine, she worked hard so that her patients were taken care of.

Lately the hospital was understaffed, trying to cut back and save some money, leaving my mom with a lot more work, stress, and energy draining problems.

Looking at her sprawled out on the couch made me feel a tinge of guilt not being able to do anything for her.


She was always pent up, and to top it off she never knew how to relax, to take a proper break.

Looking at her in her robe, her large breasts barely contained by the fabric, I wondered how mom didn't have someone to take care of her needs, despite getting divorced so long ago she had been to busy to find someone else in her life.

Then, in an instant, the idea hit me on how I could help her. If I couldn't help her at her job, I could at least help her unwind.

If I could relax her body with an orgasm or two, her body would be glowing, she'd have more energy, she'd feel better.

It was clear she needed an injection of semen, a good load would put her back to her old self and make her right as rain.

My poor mother was so exhausted that she couldn't go get sex herself, so I'd have to be a good son and help her out.

I walked closer, inspecting my mother's body, looking at how nice she looked in her robe, her long black hair flowing over the front.


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