Taken by the Guard Dogs

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by Amber FoxxFire

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Cornered by two very large, menacing guard dogs, 18-year-old Robin had to think quick if she wanted to make it out alive.

With her life on the line, she gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse.


"Oh, you want to trespass on our master's property?" A sharp, deep voice of a Doberman rang through the night.

"Do you know what we do to those who invade our turf?" Growled a German Shepherd, eying the young 18-year-old woman who was pinned in a corner.

Robin had her back in the corner and really didn't know what to do. The two dogs were massive and could easily rip her to pieces in a second.

"Listen..." She licked her lips as a crazy idea came to her and that she'd always been curious about. "I have an idea that you both will like."

"What?" they both said, intently staring at her, saliva dripping from their mouths. She knew they'd heard thieves plead for their lives often enough. This wasn't what she was thinking.

"I think you know what I have in mind." Robin slid her hand down her shorts and they heard sloshing sounds and smelled her excited, yet nervous scent.


Both wagged their tails as she brought forth her hand that glistened with her heat. Both of their cocks immediately stood at attention.


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