Taken By My Own Dog

by Jez Bestiality

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Having lost another job, she was at her wit’s end. Talking to her dog was her only solace in life. That he talked back was weird, but maybe it was all in her head.

Her problem was that she constantly needed sex. Couldn’t function without it. Borris offered his services. He could likely satisfy her in ways that no man ever could. Only one problem: She completely forgot about his knot.


"Kiss me," he commanded in an imperial tone that sent shivers down her back, spreading throughout her body.

Her eyes widened as shock filled her. She'd never thought about kissing a dog! Then she shrugged. She was committed to fucking him, what would be so horrible in kissing a dog?

Running her lips over his, she snaked her tongue inside his mouth. Exploring his mouth, she felt a thrill spread its lightning like fingers through her as she mewled as eagerness made her so hot.

She gasped as his hot, throbbing cock plunged in her. His missile spread her cunt wide as it pounded her with wild abandon. Threads of pleasure exploded in her making her gasp and scream as her orgasm spread through her. She moaned and continued kissing him, running her tongue over his as she bucked her hips, instinct taking over.


Brenda bucked her hips as he kept slamming deep in her, washing away all her will. Licking his tongue, she drank his spit and swirled it around in her mouth, finding she liked it. She hadn't thought she'd like it so much as she kissed him with wild passion.


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