Taken By Dogs 9-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Taken By Dogs 9-Pack Vol 1

I was so excited and nervous! I couldn't believe it! I had a friend who worked for a large pharmaceutical company and he was able to get me some experimental pills.

See, my large doberman, Dobby, has been acting awfully funny lately. I'd wake to him staring intently at me. At first it was just creepy. Maybe he was having bladder problems or something.

Stories Included:

- Dog is my Master
- Dominated by the German Shepherd
- Dominated by My Husband's Dog!
- Good Girl, Bad Dog!
- Carrying My Master's Puppies
- Boning My Human
- Smooching the Pooch
- Mind Controlled by the Boss's Dog
- Stray Dog Knotted Me


Tina had never kissed a dog before. She'd never even done anything naughty in her entire life. So it was with great surprise that a couple weeks after her 18th birthday, she'd borrowed her mom's laptop and stumbled upon some very naughty and very disturbing videos. They were videos of women making out with and especially kissing dogs.

At first she tried to put the disturbing images out of her mind. But of course they wouldn't go away. No matter what she did, her mind kept coming back to images of those women sticking their tongues inside dog's mouths.

It was gross.

Wasn't it?

But there was one picture in particular that stood out starkly in her mind. It was a picture of her mother kissing their big German Shepherd, Alex, right on the lips.

Even when she closed her eyes at night, she could still see the indelible impression of her and Alex smooching.

Surely her mother wouldn't do anything gross. Would she?


The thought made her both sick and intrigued. Over the course of the next few days she studied the phenomenon. Apparently, her mother wasn't the only one who liked kissing dogs.

The idea intrigued her so much that she waited until her mother went to work one day and decided to try it out for herself.

"Here, Alex..." Tina patted the bed. She was both excited and nervous and didn't know if she could fully go through with it.

The big, sandy-colored German nimbly jumped up on the bed and laid on his back, wagging his tail.

"That's a good boy..." she scratched his belly and contemplated what she was about to do. How would it feel to kiss a dog? Her first thought was that it was gross, but she guessed that kissing a guy wasn't much different. Maybe a bit less slobber.

She continued stroking his soft belly and chest as she slowly leaned toward his muzzle. Her heart raced frantically as she thought of all the things that could go wrong.

Tina opened her mouth to say something, but the moment she did, Alex darted his tongue inside. At first she was stunned, but then she remembered the pics. He was used to this.


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