Taboo Naughty Forty : 40 Stories

by Betsi Ality, Fearne Forrester, Millie King, Kimmy Welsh, Tori Westwood

'Taboo Naughty Forty' features 40 stories and 180,000 words of the naughtiest erotica on the planet. Including Dirty Daddies, Sinful Mothers, Bratty Virgin Daughters, Innocent Randy Sons, Incestual Threesomes, Bestiality as well as a heavy dollop of bodyswaps, anal and breeding thrown in for good measure. First-time virgins, messy creampies, family sex and bestiality at a fantastic saving!

The naughty stories here are not duplicated in the other 40-Packs of the 40-Pack series.
Featuring –
1. Sex With My Son In The Sauna
2. Bimbo Beach
3. An Audiobook Made Me Put My Son’s C In My A
4. Super Moms Need C Too
5. Mom’s On Parade
6. Mom Taxi
7. F’ed By My Medieval Son
8. Drinking My Nectar
9. Draining My Milk
10. My Dripping Tits Gave Me Away
11. Lacto-Tolerant
12. Mommy’s Glazed Buns
13. Back To Back
14. F’ing My Son And Daughter In The Showers
15. Backstage Incest
16. Double Trouble
17. Mommy Drops By
18. Double Coated
19. Steamy Anal Sex With My Mystery Daddy
20. Daddy Plastered My A
21. Put In A Room With Daddy And A F’d
22. One Wish For Anal
23. Heat Crave
24. 19/42 Split
25. Daddy In My Ass Under The Bleachers
26. Jock Becomes Cheerleader
27. The Bodyswap Hotel
28. Frankenstein’s Bratty Bodyswap
29. The Queen of Amazonia
30. The Incredible Sex
31. A Rock And His Hard Place
32. Bound By Desire
33. The Breeding Project
34. My Dictator Daddy Pushed The Dog’s Cock Into My Nuclear Arsenal
35. I Make The Dog Come In Front Of My Daddy
36. My Dog In My Ass And My Daddy In My Pussy
37. Fucked In My Judge’s Chambers
38. My Pussy Is Full
39. The Thief, My Dad, His Dog, And His Camera
40. Roll Up, Roll Up, For The Girl Who Sucks Her Dog


“Fuck me,” I told him.  “Fuck me!”

I clambered down from the top bench in desperation and then sat on the one below, straddling Ethan with my legs.

I set the soles of my feet against the wooden wall opposite and locked Ethan in-between my thighs.  His hand worked over his cock, and he looked down at his target.

“Fuck me, honey,” I told him.

Ethan rubbed his cock up and down my groove.  My petals fluttered over him.  He placed the swollen head of his cock at my soaked O and pushed in just enough to make me whine.

“Yes!” I gasped, and Ethan smirked.  He was growing in confidence.

“Fuck me!” I told him, and the desperation in my words was more than apparent.


Ethan couldn’t tease his mother like that.  I’d raised him better.  He pushed forwards and I felt my pussy open over his stiff cock.  The sensation of him filling me up like that was other worldly.  I’d never wanted a cock so bad and actually received it.  It was tough to explain.  It was like finally fucking your celebrity crush or something.  It was something so bizarre that I thought it would never happen, but secretly I’d wanted it for longer than I realized.

“That’s it, honey,” I told him, opening my eyes to look down.

I could see his wet cock disappear all the way to the hilt and I could feel every inch of it enter me.  It drove all the way deep and struck a spot inside that few men ever had.

“Ethan,” I whined, pushing back against the hard wood.

It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable fuck I’d ever had, but it was definitely the best.  Ethan fell over me and I rolled my ass up off the bench to give him a better angle.  He started to bounce against me and fuck me so hard that I could feel his waist hit my clit.

Clapping noises of wet flesh now accompanied our heady moans and cries.  The sweat and steam dripped from us, and the thick, hot air filled out lungs.

“Ethan, I want your cum!” I told him, and it was my final request.  If I could get that, then I’d have nothing left to wish for.

“I’m close, Mom,” he told me, working himself through me again and again.

He started to kiss me as his hips pumped.  I kissed him back and reached around him, dragging my nails along his back.

“Come inside me!  Come inside me!” I said to him, gasping.

“Oh, Mom!”

“Yes, honey!  Yes!  Come inside me!”

I was so excited to take his cum that I started to feel my own climax brewing all over again.  My body became charged with excitement.  The two of us were on the precipice.

“Mom!” Ethan said, and the urgency was apparent.

My pussy flexed on him as my climax began anew, just in time for Ethan to reach the point of no return.

The tension left him, and he let out a huge groan, rocking his cock through me with slower passion now.  My pussy clenched around him as though it was threatening him for his cum.

“Oh, Mom,” he whined, and I felt the throbbing of his cock in-between the pulsing of my own pussy.

I strained and gripped him tight.  Ethan fell into me and pushed his cock deep, sending his cum all the way inside me and throwing out more of it.

He filled me with his warmth and coated his cock with our hard-won love.  I felt the texture of him change as he slipped his thickness in and out of my cum-soaked core.

“There’s a good boy,” I told him.

My body spasmed as the last of my climax left me.  I could feel Ethan’s cock doing the same as the surges of cum waned.

Finally, he pulled out of me, and we both watched his cock emerge.  It was shrink-wrapped in his cum and it glistened in the lights from above.  It looked delicious.

“Give me that,” I said.

I leaned forwards on the bench and Ethan moved back against the wall.  I took a hold of his cock and lovingly put him back inside my mouth.  I could taste our sweet, bitter love.  I dragged my lips over him and washed our cum from his cock, tending to him like any mother would her son, although perhaps in different circumstances!

“Good boy,” I said, again and again, kissing and licking at his cock.

Ethan stayed hard, breathing deep against the wall.  I could see he was still trembling with excitement.

I smirked up at him as he stared again at the opposite wall, then I took another grip of him and started to pump his cock.

Ethan put his hands behind his back and closed his eyes.  He swallowed hard and my smile broadened.  I looked down at his cock flashing between my fist.  I could tell from his stiffness that he had more to give me.

“Go on,” I urged, jerking his cock and licking at the tip.  “Go on.  Give me it.”

Ethan groaned but kept himself there.  He pushed out his hips and let me jerk him fast.  I flashed his cock over my wet lips and tickled him on the flat of my tongue.  I looked up at him and started to beg for it.

“Come again for Mommy,” I told him.  “You can do it.”

Ethan let out a breathy moan.

“Come on Mommy’s face.”

His moans grew louder and then he looked down at the sight of me wildly jerking him and demanding his cum.

“Come on my face!” I begged.


He strained again and I bit my lip.  I knew I had him again.  I pumped fiercely and then caught the first lashing of him against my face.

He stared down and watched me as I let him erupt all over me.  I opened my mouth and the next volley fell inside.  Another jet burst across my face and I flinched as it scattered over my eyelashes.

I started to laugh, and Ethan joined me in-between his stuttered groans.  Each time he moaned another spurt of cum left him until there was none left, and my face was covered.

I let go of his cock and started to push his seed into my mouth from off my face.  I moaned and told him how good he tasted.

“That’s what Mommy wanted,” I said.

“I’ve never come twice before,” Ethan said.

“I’ve never made a guy come twice before either.”

I fed his cum into my mouth and licked my lips when he was all gone, then I stood up and fell back against the seat.

Ethan was breathing deep against the wall, his cock finally flagging.  It dropped slowly but still looked delicious.

I rubbed his cum along my pussy and then reclined along the bench.  Ethan stood in the corner, trying to compose himself.

“I’m gonna take a cold shower,” he said eventually.

“That sounds like a good idea, stud.  I’m gonna stay here and enjoy you inside me a little longer.”

Ethan took one last look over my naked body and then left me alone.  I don’t think he’d anticipated this outcome when he’d stepped into the sauna naked.

It was as though the sight of his naked body had awakened something deeply sinful inside me—but I’ve got to tell you, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  I’ve never been fucked as good as that before in my life and it was clear Ethan was into it.

I closed my eyes and hummed contently, tasting him again in my mouth as I moved my tongue around it.  I felt him ease out of my pussy slowly.  It was like heaven and was the perfect start to our trip.


About the Authors

Betsi Ality

Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

Fearne Forrester

Millie King

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

Kimmy Welsh

Tori Westwood

I write those dirty, taboo, incest stories that you have to read in secret.  The kind that get you hot and weak at the knees.  They're wrong, but oh-so right!
I enjoy writing them as much as you enjoy reading them, and I think that comes across in my descriptive, explicit style.
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