Taboo Breeding 3-Pack Vol. 4

by Krissy Cox

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The fourth installment of three ultra-hot stories about interfamily/interspecies breeding — bundled together in a value pack.

Stories Included:

  • Power Breeding My Aunt & Mom -Part 2
  • Breeding My Dumb Sister
  • Bred by Daddy's Police Dog 


Power Breeding My Aunt & Mom -Part 2 - Ben has just finished living out a fantasy -- breeding his sexy Aunt Barbara when his mom walks in on them. Panicked, Ben drugs his mother with Mind Control and LacPlus. Now, the night is all his to teach his judgmental, fertile and lactating mother a lesson!

Breeding My Dumb Sister - My sister is pretty dumb, but also hot…smoking hot. So, when she knocked out her front teeth walking into a glass door, thinking it was open, I convinced her my sperm had special healing properties. All she had to do to fix her teeth was coax my seed out of me.

Bred by Daddy's Police Dog - Kimmy is up to her old tricks again. After getting busted for using an experimental drug called, Mind Control, to seduce her dad and uncle, she's been told in no uncertain terms, no more drugs.


So when her dad and his new police dog find more pills in Kimmy's room, he's forced to teach her lesson. Thinking the pills are Mind Control, he doses his daughter and together with his police dog pump her full of their seed.




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