Taboo Breeding 3 -Pack Vol. 3

by Krissy Cox

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A new installment of three ultra-hot stories about interfamily/interspecies breeding — bundled together in a value pack.

Stories Included:

  • Breeding My Twin Daughters
  • Bred by a Gorilla
  • Breeding My Aunt Part 1 - Force

Stories Included:

Breeding My Twin Daughters - Twins, Heather and Holly, plan to lose their virginities to their boyfriends tonight. That is until their daddy shows up — unannounced and uninvited but determined to claim his daughters’ holes all for himself. Good thing he knows hypnosis.

Bred by a Gorilla - Cassie Miller is about to become the first human to breed with a species outside of her own.

IXB is the latest groundbreaking drug developed at Pfizon Pharmeceuticals, and together with Cassie's young, fertile womb they will breathe life into a new species — Humapes.

Breeding My Aunt Part 1 Force - When Ben gets frisky while comforting his distraught aunt, she slaps him hoping it will knock some sense into him. But she quickly finds out, when her nephew gets an idea in his mind, he sees it through to the end—even if it means by force.


But don't worry, by the time her nephew is done with her holes, Aunt Barbara will be begging for more.


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